Smithy Machine Tools and Accessories

Professional woodworking and metalworking tools and accessories

If your business is looking for a way to cut costs, try out new ideas, and improve quality, try "insourcing" your production, prototype and repair work with Smithy 3-in-1 lathe mill drills. Smithy Machine Tools offers a full line of 3-in-1 lathe mill drill combination metalworking machines. Smithy also introduced a new line of benchtop bedmills with 3 control options.

Build precise parts replacement - Create precision replacement parts with affordable high quality metal working machinery, tools and accessories.


Design and test prototypes in your own shop - Why send your prototype plans and ideas to an outside contractor? With Smithy's affordable line of metalworking machinery you can design and create your own prototypes in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost.


Machine tools for turning, drilling and milling products - Keep cost down and productivity up when you use high quality and affordable metalworking tools and accessories. Add safety gear,additional tools and accessories such as band saws, boring bits,stands to keep your production and quality high and costs low. Whatever your project, Smithy can help bring quality home for less.


Let Smithy bring you the solutions to help you cut costs and improve efficiency. With models starting at just $999, your customers and your bottom line will thank you for using a Smithy to get your job done.

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