Old Time Candy

The best candy ever - Best old-fashioned candy from the Old Time Candy Company

Remember the best candy ever? Old Time Candy takes you on a walk down the candy aisle and memory lane, with the best old fashioned candy on the internet.

  • Old Time Candy - Think back to the days when Pop Rocks rocked and Ring Pops and Red Hots were all the rage. Back to when Candy Wax Lips sunk ships and all of the kids in the neighborhood were cool on Candy Cigarettes. No matter if you were a Fruit Stripe fan or a Tootsie Pop tot, a chocolate, gum or hard candy craver, you'll find a Good & Plenty variety of the best candy ever, with all of the best old fashioned candy favorites up for grabs in the Old Time Candy aisles.

  • Candy by Types - At the Old Time Candy Company, they make it easy for old fashioned candy lovers both past and present to find their most treasured candies from yesteryear, with all candies conveniently categorized by candy type, decade or occasion. Name your candy poison with an extensive selection that includes everything from bulk candy to bubblegum, lollipops to licorice and more of the best candy ever created. Sink your teeth into chewy caramels or candy sticks, cotton candy, gumdrops, jawbreakers, mints, and every chocolate candy bar in the history book!

  • Candy by Decades - Have a sweet spot for those cute Candy Buttons that first made their mark on the candy scene in the 1930's? Bonkers for Bazooka Bubble Gum that was a staple of the 40's? Ride the retro candy wave from all of your favorite decades gone by. You'll find a long list of the best candy ever, dating back all the way to the pre 1920's, up to the 90's and everything in between. Old Time Candy will satisfy any sweet tooth with nostalgic candy for all ages, delivered right to your door. Have a favorite decade? Treat yourself to a 2 or 4 lb Decade Box from the 1950s, 60s, 70s, 80s or All Decades, jammed with cool assortments of all your old school candy favorites.

  • Candy by Occasion - Old Time Candy brings you an endless amount of candy themed gift options for any special gift giving occasion. Choose from a handsomely packaged collection of the best candy confections that are perfect whether they're celebrating a milestone birthday, anniversary, or any holiday on the calendar. They'll go chocolate covered nuts over personalized Decade Boxes, classic Glass Candy Jars, Candy Gift Baskets or their signature Pack-a-Bag, where you can pack your own retro candy assortment into a bag, with each bag holding up to 5 lbs of candy!
The Old Time Candy Company tracks down all of your favorite retro candy manufacturers so you don't have to. Sit back and savor the flavors of your favorite candy blasts from the past, featuring the same candy you ate as a kid that you can appreciate even more now as an adult.

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