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Serving Candy Lovers Since 1927, is proud to hold the title for America's oldest candy wholesaler as well as the Internet's Largest Candy Store. When it comes to candy catalogs, their stock and deals are hands down, the sweetest and candy is what they deliver but service is what they sell.

  • Retro Candy - Having a hard time finding all of your favorite candies of yesteryear? You've come to the right place, they don't call them Candy Favorites for nothing! Enjoy's endless variety of nostalgia candy that will bring you back to those carefree days of being a kid in a candy shop. Choose from old time favorites such as:

    • Candy Cigarettes!
    • Bazooka Bubble Gum!
    • Brach's Bulk Candy – We were one of the first wholesalers in the nation to offer Brachs!
    • Big League Chew!
    • Clark Bars!
    • Licorice Pipes!
    • Now & Laters!
    • Old Fashioned Gourmet Lollipops and more!

  • Brachs Candy - You can't think of candy without thinking of the name Brachs. Featuring both wrapped and unwrapped Brachs candy favorites, choose from mouthwatering Abracabubble Bubble Gum, Butterscoth Disks, Butter Toffee, Chocolate Stars, Ice Blue Mint Coolers, Malt Balls, Orange Slices and Starbrite Peppermints to name just a few…

  • Novelty Candy - Everyone loves candy. Everyone loves novelty candy even more. Find a selection of candy goodies that are fun both in and outside of your mouth! Ever wonder what a chocolate covered ant or cricket tastes like? Try some edible insects. Always wanted a tattoo? Paint on some edible candy tattoos that are just as funny to apply as they are to eat and you'll feel like you've just won the golden ticket to Willy Wonka's Chocolate factory when you bite into the "Original" Wonka Gold Foil Wrapped Cream Egg.

  • Holiday Candy - It isn't a real holiday without a stocking, Easter egg, or Halloween trick or treat bag filled with tons of candy, so stock up no matter what holiday you're celebrating! Choose from Christmas candy canes, chocolate bunnies, candy corns, Marshmallow Peeps or choose a yummy candy basket to give as a gift.

  • Wholesale candy - Backed by McKeesport Candy Co., one of the oldest candy wholesalers in the nation, our wholesale program is guaranteed to please. Whether you're craving Hershey candy and their delectable Hershey's kisses, a Snickers candy bar, or sugar free candy if you're watching your weight, CandyFavorites has all of the candy you want, in bulk! Stock up for birthday parties or special events and enjoy all of their amazing wholesale prices. You'll be surprised at how quickly you'll go through your supply!
No need to head to the candy shops, get all of your favorite candy online under one candied roof. Candy Catalogs you can trust to always satisfy your sweet tooth -

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