Self Defense Devices

Personal defense weapons - Personal security devices from the top self defense devices security catalog

The Self Defense Devices security catalog brings you everything you need to maintain your personal safety, from personal defense weapons to hi-tech security devices, alarms and more.

Self defense devices - The Self Defense Devices security catalog is your authorized street wise go-to store for the leading self defense supply products including personal defense weapons like pepper sprays and stun guns to personal security alarms, motion detectors, hidden spy cameras and other protective gadgets.


Personal defense weapons - A violent crime occurs every 23.1 seconds. Make sure you are protected from any potential crime with an assortment of personal defense weapons to choose from, featuring stun guns and pepper sprays that are small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. Find stun gun holsters and chargers, pepper sprays disguised as perfumes and pens as well as metal batons that are expandable, lightweight and completely compact.


personal security devices - Guard your home, valuables and family members from possible harm with an extensive selection of personal security products that will properly secure everything that is important to you. You'll find a vast range of devices including car security systems, CCCTV surveillance cameras and dummy cameras that can deter robbery, theft and vandalism without the high cost of a real security camera. From security lights to key hiders and diversion safes, Self Defense Devices knows what you need to ensure your safety and your family's safety.


Personal security alarms - Invest in personal security alarms that will set off audible alerts at the touch of a button. Choose from super convenient key alerts with flashlights for late night walks to the car, door or window alarm devices and do-it-yourself wireless or motion activated security systems for your home or business that are only a fraction of the price of professionally installed security alarm systems.

Don't allow yourself or any of your loved ones to become the next victim of a violent crime. Whether it's for you, a friend or family member, you can provide both protection and peace of mind at home, to and from work or while traveling with personal security devices and self defense weapons from the Self Defense Devices security catalog.

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