The best grill and grilling accessories, from Char Broil grills

Find outdoor cookers, smokers, and the best grill selection from the grillmasters at the Char-Broil catalog with smokin' hot coupon code savings.

  • Best Grills, Cookers & Fireplaces - Char-Broil makes it easy to find your next go-to grill with a premium assortment of grills and cookers that will make every barbecuing experience a success. Shop by grill category, price, or by specialty, featuring the best grill models in the industry. Browse a wide selection of high-quality gas and electric grills, charcoal grills, oil-less cookers, space-saving grills, smokers, portable tailgating grills, and even more outdoor cookware options for folks who love to get their grill on.

  • Grill Parts & Accessories - No matter if you need a new grilling grate, burner, knob or gas hose, Char-Broil has your grill covered from top to bottom with a premium selection of replacement parts that will breathe new life into any old grill. Search conveniently by model number or part number, or search the selection of universal repair parts for Char Broil grills, featuring universal burners, grids, grates and conversion kits that coordinate with all Char-Broil grill models.

  • Grilling & Smoking Accessories - From the best grills, grilling utensils and gadgets, to Grade A cookbooks, rotisseries, grill toppers, toolsets and grill lights, Char-Broil delivers everything you need to barbecue like a pro. Browse a smoking selection of smoker boxes and flavored wood that will layer in flavors, the best barbecue grill and workspace tools, gas grill briquettes, and more grilling accessories, extras and accents that will make your grill time easier and more efficient.

  • Grill Covers, Cleaners & Brushes - Protect your grill from the outdoor elements with custom and universal grill covers that come in a wide range of shapes and sizes to suit and shroud all Char Broil grills. You'll also find a rough and tough selection of the best grill brushes and grill cleaners that will keep your grill looking and performing like new.

  • Sauces & Rubs - Whether you like your barbecue Kansas City or Memphis Style, Low & Slow or Sweet & Sassy, Char-Broil brings you a mouthwatering collection of their own special marinades, brines, dry rubs, sauces and special seasonings that will add the ultimate amount of flavor and spice to every meal you grill. Choose the perfect accompaniment to spice up your steaks, burgers, ribs, beef brisket and seafood dishes to perfection with sauces and rubs available by themselves or in gift sets and kits that will gratify any griller.
For over 60 years, Char-Broil has served as America's oldest and largest gas grill brand, supplying outdoor cooking enthusiasts with the best grills, parts and accessories in the industry, since 1948.

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