Virginia Candle

Scented candles, featuring WoodWick candles, diffusers, and premium home fragrances

Bring scent, style and luxury into your home with the best scented candles and home fragrances, exclusively from the Virginia Candle Company.

  • WoodWick Candles - Introduce ambiance into your interiors with candles that will fragrance your home and nourish your senses, without harming the environment. Discover the WoodWick collection that utilizes renewable natural and organic resources combined with an array of unforgettable aromas. From clean and fresh bouquets to exotic, spicy and sophisticated scents, choose your favorite fragrance, color, and/or container including small, medium and large jars, trilogies, and more decorative options to choose from. Whether you choose your collection by scent or by style, you'll enjoy a longer, cleaner burn thanks to the natural wooden wicks that mimic the soothing sounds of a crackling fire.

  • RibbonWick Candles - Experience candlelight reinvented with WoodWick candles and the equally riveting RibbonWick collections that showcase a highly hypnotic, cutting-edge ribbon flame. Invest in organic illumination with the best scented candles that are crafted with the purest of ingredients, including premium wax blends and fragrances infused with the finest essential oils. Browse by aroma or container, featuring a variety of handsome vessels that are in themselves a work of art, guaranteed to add sophistication and elegance to any décor.

  • WoodWick Diffusers & Fragrance - Enjoy your favorite Virginia Candle Company aromas without ever lighting a match, with easy to use room diffusers and home vents that will circulate your scents throughout your rooms with ease. You'll find small and large diffusers, spill proof diffusers, refill oils and reeds as well as automobile and home vent clips that will eliminate odors and revitalize your most-used spaces, both large or small.

  • WoodWick Escape - Enjoy an instant getaway, every time you breathe in the luscious scents of the WoodWick Escape collection. From the fresh air of the Beach Boardwalk to the smoldering aroma of an Evening Bonfire, the sweet bakery smell of a French Patisserie to the sultry scents of warm Havana Nights, you'll discover the perfect fragrance to take you away. Choose from medium or large candle jars, room sprays, sachets, crystal diffusers and car vent clips that will help you escape the rush hour traffic by delivering up to 45 days of intoxicating fragrance.
For over two decades, the Virginia Candle Company has served as a leading source for premium home fragrances, featuring an extensive selection of carefully formulated fragrances that will infuse your home with captivating notes that will enhance your décor while indulging the senses.

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