Kiefer Fitness

Home fitness products, equipment and accessories for fitness rooms

Besides being the leader in specialty flooring for your home, Kiefer also provides you with an athletic arsenal of high quality home fitness products and equipment that will help you sweat it out in your home workout rooms.

  • Home fitness products - In addition to their spectacular selection of specialty flooring, Kiefer offers unique home fitness products and equipment including ComfortGym Mats (the softest and most comfortable exercise mats ever), SPR® exercise balls and fitness equipment, pilates and yoga equipment, adjustable step platforms, PowerMax Kettlebells, aquatic fitness equipment, GymSticks®, tumbling mats and more!

  • Home fitness products for resistance - Kiefer fitness products are the finest fitness gear to help you build your total body resistance! Find a fitness accessory that will sculpt your body with pilates power rings, exercise balls, and fitness products from Xertube® and Xercuff® to enjoy total body conditioning for varying fitness levels!

  • Home fitness products for balance - Feeling a little off balance? Find balance and kickboxing home fitness equipment that will improve your balance and posture with balance pods for total body awareness, foam rollers for developing core stabilization, disc cushions for improved coordination and step mats ideal for varying levels of step aerobics and exercise!

  • Home fitness products for rehabilitation - Whatever support you need, Kiefer has got your body parts covered with the perfect home fitness products to get you back on track. Choose from a selection of knee supports, ankle, elbow and shoulder supports, heel cushions, straps and braces from Bauerfeind® as well as leg strengthening aids and Trigger Point® rehabilitation home fitness products!
Whether you need a fitness accessory to improve coordination or your core strength, Kiefer fitness products are the best home fitness equipment products on the market, so you'll always enjoy the perfect workout.

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