Oriental Outpost

Oriental art - Japanese and Chinese art, from hand painted artwork to wall scrolls and more

Discover authentic oriental art from the Far East, featuring custom calligraphy, Japanese and Chinese art, watercolor paintings, and more.

  • Oriental art - Consider the jet-setters at Oriental Outpost your own personal oriental art buyers, traveling over 40,000 miles back and forth across China and Japan to secure beautiful hand-painted Chinese art and Japanese art work that you can enjoy and collect for just a small fraction of the price you could expect to pay while in your homeland. From Chinese art featuring Chinese character calligraphy on delicate wall scrolls to Japanese oil paintings and breathtaking Asian landscapes, you'll find an exceptional display of Asian inspired masterpieces; from the western world, to your doorstep.

  • Chinese art & Japanese art - Incorporate simple beauty and serenity into every room of your home with oriental art that is in a word, enchanting. Embrace ancient Chinese art including Chinese Bamboo artwork, vibrant wall scrolls and Chinese paintings that illustrate a variety of artistic subjects; from colorful Chinese cranes and flowers to cute charcoal kittens, Koi fish, mystical dragons and Asian landscapes. Indulge in masterful artwork created by talented Chinese artists as well as gifted Japanese and Korean born artisans.

  • Calligraphy art - Explore the Chinese art of calligraphy and Japanese Kanji calligraphy, with traditional wall scrolls and paintings that evoke a variety of popular themes in the Asian culture. Choose from single characters that symbolize words like respect, honor, love and dignity; ancient proverbs and phrases; your name; martial arts inspired words and phrases, plus even more unique options. Personalize your own Chinese or Japanese art with made-to-order art work that offers over 262,828,800 possible combinations of custom Chinese and Japanese calligraphy, for customized oriental art in your own words.

  • North Korean art - Once you find yourself completely captivated with the artwork showcased in Oriental Outpost's Japanese and Chinese art galleries, you'll want to expand your oriental art collection even further East with a series of timeless North Korean treasures. Cross the border between China and North Korea to enjoy extraordinary North Korean creations that depict traditional village scenery, from happy and festive village scenes on wall scrolls to modern Korean Hanja calligraphy paintings, and more.
Oriental Outpost travels across the globe to distant, far away locales in order to bring you the most unique Asian artwork found on the continent. Choose your own adventure in Asian art with calligraphy, modern art, folk art, lush landscapes and more oriental art at it's finest.

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