Problem Solvers

Home organization products and storage solutions for every room

Say goodbye to virtually any household problem with helpful storage and home organization solutions for indoors and out, featured in the Problem Solvers catalog.

  • Storage Solvers - Put everything in its right place while maximizing every inch of space with convenient storage solutions and space savers that will help introduce the calm while eliminating the chaos. Solve any problematic storage situation with options for your indoor areas as well as the garage, yard and garden. From storage units to sideboards and screens, you'll find functional and practical alternatives that will lessen the mess, so you can keep your indoor and exterior spaces neat, organized, and always looking their best.

  • Organizers - Bring order to every chaotic corner of your humble abode with handy home organization solutions for every room. Whether you need to de-clutter the closet, streamline your kitchen, or find a better way to sort laundry, the Problem Solvers catalog will give you access to endless ideas to sort out any space. Choose from kitchen and closet organizers, basement, bed and bath organizers, solutions for the office, laundry room, family room, entryway, or any area of your home that requires some tender loving de-cluttering care.

  • Patio Rugs & Doormats - Perk up your patio and outdoor living spaces with a colorful collection of indoor and outdoor patio rugs, doormats and runners that are available in a variety of styles, sizes, and textures designed to suit any home décor or taste. Keep dirt at the door with tough dirt trapping doormats, protect yourself, family and guests from seasonal slips and falls with snow and ice carpets, or define your space and seating areas with durable, long-wearing rugs that will give new life to bare floors while lasting season after season. You'll also find outdoor furniture and decor, pest control, solar lighting, and more outdoor living must-haves.

  • Travel Accessories - Whether you're traveling across the globe for work, carpooling the kids off to school, or jet-setting away for a much needed vacation, you'll find a vast selection of travel accessories that will help make getting from Point A to Point B a fun, comfortable and pleasurable experience. From travel wallets to support pillows, luggage accessories to handy travel kits, coolers, trunk organizers and auto storage solutions, you'll find everything you need to pack smart, travel well and be safe, no matter where your final destination leads you.
The Problem Solvers catalog is filled with home based solutions, featuring helpful problem solving tools for the hearth, home, yard and garden, as well as useful accessories for your pets, travel, cleaning, storage and home organization essentials.

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