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YMAA Publication Center was established in 1982 so that westerners could access the profound Oriental developments in qi (chi), martial arts, and spiritual cultivation. As one of the pioneers in this exchange, YMAA will continue to mark the path between East and West. It is our hope that today’s people can benefit greatly in their health, strength, and spiritual cultivation, by reaching a proper balance for sustainable happiness.

  • VIDEO by YMAA - These best selling videos are available in DVD and APP formats. High quality instructional materials covering health, fitness, martial arts, self-defense, qigong and more, will help beginners learn quickly and accurately. Intermediate and advanced practitioners will discover many levels of detail usually not found in professionally produced programs. Features include: Hi-Definition film, Front and Back views, Step by Step instruction, World Renowned Teachers.

  • BOOKS by YMAA - Award winning books are available in print and E-book formats. Explore our rich catalog of books by notable authors including Dr. Yang Jwing-Ming, Master Liang Shou-Yu, Sgt. Rory Miller, Dr. Aihan Kuhn and many more respected teachers, professionals, and scholars. You will find books on all aspects of Chinese healing, self-defense, martial arts, qigong, and more. Readers will be happy to lose themselves in a tempting selection of martial arts fiction. The YMAA catalog also has a rich collection of eBooks for your tablet, all available for immediate download with a simple click.

  • TAI CHI EXERCISE BALLS - Hand made in the USA. Tai chi exercise balls are an effective way to build strength, balance, and concentration. Available in four sizes and made from sustainable forest wood, these exercise tools are gaining popularity and more and more people of all ages discover the empowerment that comes from tai chi ball practice.

  • TAI CHI APPAREL - 100% natural silk, made in the USA. Our tai chi apparel line is the highest quality tai chi clothing available today. Traditional look, modern feel, our apparel moves, yields, and flows with your body’s motion. Use it for tai chi, massage, meditation, travel, or just lounging around!

  • EASTERN HEALING MUSIC - Very special Eastern healing music is available in CD format. Discover a careful selection of beautiful music from Wind Records in Taiwan that is your perfect companion to tai chi or qigong exercises. Feng Shui music will bathe your home in soothing energy. Celebrate the Chinese New Year with traditional gongs and drums, awaken the healing ability of your own body with a four-cd boxed set products by Dr. Xu-Dong Wang, or indulge in a gentle brain massage to relax physically and mentally with the sounds of nature. High quality recordings, professionally produced, full orchestras for many of the albums.

  • GIFTS - Any Book, DVD, CD, Apparel, Tai Chi Ball, or Calendar makes excellent gifts for alternative fitness practitioners, martial artists, or enthusiasts of Chinese culture. It's easy to give with a YMAA catalog gift certificate, or choose handmade wooden Tai Chi Ball or Tai Chi Apparel for a very special gift.
YMAA.com is a valuable resource for anyone who practices martial Arts. Visit their website for a comprehensive library of articles on self defense, history, philosophy, health and healing. You will also find information and registration forms for YMAA seminars, retreats and Martial Arts camp, as well as locations of schools and training programs for every level and style of martial arts.

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