Gogo Jewelry

Striking nature inspired jewelry designs

Indulge in a piece of nature that has been transformed into something irresistibly beautiful, inarguably captivating, with nature jewelry designs from Gogo Jewelry.

  • Collections - Gogo jewelry designs go beyond your everyday adornments. A Gogo is a conversation starter. Explore seaside and wilderness trail inspired collections of wearable art, crafted from the remnants of wildlife unearthed from the forests and beaches of Cumberland Island. Marvel in one intricate, finely detailed creation after another with nature inspired jewelry pieces that are exquisitely organic. Discover bracelets, earrings, necklaces, pendants and rings that are expertly crafted using centuries old elements as their inspiration. From alligator scute, spine and toe bone to armadillo scapula and shells, dolphin discs to garfish scales, boar's tusk, seaweed, seed pods and palm fronds, you'll find pieces that are beautifully preserved and imaginatively intertwined with the spirit of every creature or plant that inspired it.

  • Men's - Stunning creations for her, handsome and unconventional accessories for him. Shop a stylish selection of masculine accents for him, featuring men's armadillo shell or alligator scute cufflinks and shirt studs that will serve as the perfect supplement to his everyday business attire. You'll also find organically innovative nature jewelry designs for men including alligator toe bone bracelets and necklaces, alligator scute rings, and one of a kind duck skull bolo ties that beg to be admired, cast in sterling silver or 14k gold.

  • Decor - Embrace beautiful, natural jewelry and nature inspired décor. Decorate your home with flora and fauna inspired creations that will never die. You'll find unique serving spoons and serving sets, candle holders and wine stoppers that have been handcrafted in alpaca and closely made to mimic beautiful eucalyptus and jacaranda leaves, guanacaste seed pods, bean pods, and other floral findings.

  • Special Orders Make a bold style statement of your own with special order nature inspired jewelry creations that will commemorate a special day and/or impress a special loved one. Whether you're looking for the perfect rings to exchange on your wedding day or a truly exceptional corporate gift, a customized Gogo creation will have a story behind it that will never be forgotten. Work together with the gifted artist who designed the bridal ring sets for JFK Jr. and Carolyn Bessette to create a personalized piece of art, featuring engagement and wedding rings, exclusive bridal gift sets and distinctive gifts suitable for business use.
The self-taught designer behind Gogo Jewelry has spent the last 25 years creating extraordinary nature jewelry treasures using out of the ordinary elements. Along with her daughter, Hannah, Gogo's artistic ingenuity has garnered a high profile client list of celebrity admirers, from Anna Kournikova to the late John F. Kennedy Jr., Carly Simon to the Clintons, and others.

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