Pet Supplies

Picture of leather dog harness from In The Company of Dogs - Potpourri Group catalog

In The Company of Dogs - Potpourri Group

Dog beds, harness leashes, clothing and gifts for dog lovers

Picture of Doctors Foster and Smith from Doctors Foster and Smith catalog

Doctors Foster and Smith

Quality pet care products at below-retail prices

Free Shipping
Picture of dog catalog from Orvis - Pets catalog

Orvis - Pets

Dog supplies from dog collars to dog beds and gifts for dog lovers

Free Shipping
Picture of pet supplies store from Pet Supplies Delivered catalog

Pet Supplies Delivered

Great pet supplies at great prices, delivered to your door

15% Off
Picture of only natural pet store from Only Natural Pet Store catalog

Only Natural Pet Store

All natural pet care and natural pet foods

Free Shipping
Picture of dog themed gifts from Dog Breed Store catalog

Dog Breed Store

Calendars and themed gifts of your favorite dog breeds

10% Off
Picture of pet doors from catalog

Pet doors for dogs and cats - huge selection

10% Off
Picture of 1800 pet meds coupon from 1-800-PetMeds catalog


The best prices and selection on pet medications

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Picture of equine supplies from Heartland Vet Supply - Equine catalog

Heartland Vet Supply - Equine

Affordable horse and pet care supplies and meds

10% Off
Picture of natures farmacy catalog from Nature's Farmacy catalog

Nature's Farmacy

Huge selection supplements, probiotics, joint and bone strengtheners and immune boosters

Picture of dog agility equipment from Agilite - Agility for Dogs catalog

Agilite - Agility for Dogs

Dog agility equipment and training aids

$10 Off
Picture of horse care from catalog

Horse supplies, from saddles and tack to grooming supplies and riding gear

Picture of natural pet care from Paws Choice - Pet Food & Treats catalog

Paws Choice - Pet Food & Treats

Only Natural pet foods, treats and more delivered to your home.

Picture of dog identification from dogIDS catalog


Personalized dog collars, dog ID's, clothing, tags, toys and gear for man's best friend

Picture of cal pet supplies from C-A-L Ranch Stores - Pet & Livestock catalog

C-A-L Ranch Stores - Pet & Livestock

Feed and supplies for cattle, horses, livestock, beekeeping, rabbits, and hard working dogs

Free Shipping
Picture of Wholesale pet supplies from UPCO Wholesale Pet Supplies catalog

UPCO Wholesale Pet Supplies

The complete pet store in your mailbox! Since 1952

25% Off
Picture of pet shop online from My Favorite Pet Shop catalog

My Favorite Pet Shop

Dog and cat essentials, from pet beds and collars to toys and treats

Picture of parrot cages from Windy City Parrot catalog

Windy City Parrot

Bird and parrot supplies for your fine-feathered friends

Free Shipping
Picture of veterinary medications from Heartland Veterinary Cat & Dog Supply catalog

Heartland Veterinary Cat & Dog Supply

Over the counter and prescription cat & dog medications and supplies

Free Shipping
Picture of discount pet medicine from Pet Supplies 4 Less - Lambriar Vet catalog

Pet Supplies 4 Less - Lambriar Vet

Name-brand pet medications and pet care supplies 4 LESS

Picture of online pet supply from Revival Animal Health catalog

Revival Animal Health

Pet medication, kennel supplies and horse care products

Picture of luxury pet accessories from Muttropolis Dog & Cat Boutique catalog

Muttropolis Dog & Cat Boutique

Luxury products for your pampered pet

Free Shipping
Picture of PetCareRx from PetCareRX catalog


Discount pet medications and pet supplies from the leading online pet pharmacy

Free Shipping
Picture of horse supplies from KV Vet Supply-Equine Catalog catalog

KV Vet Supply-Equine Catalog

Quality Horse Care and Equestrian Supplies

Picture of wholesale pet products from J-B Wholesale Pet Supplies catalog

J-B Wholesale Pet Supplies

Pet supplies for your dog or cat at great discount prices

Free Shipping
Picture of Valley Vet Supply from Valley Vet - Equine Edition catalog

Valley Vet - Equine Edition

Equine vet supplies, equestrian apparel, footwear & gifts

Picture of pictures of dog breeds from Pipsqueak Productions catalog

Pipsqueak Productions

Pet themed greetings and gifts for pet lovers

10% Off
Picture of Cherrybrook from Cherrybrook catalog


Show dog supplies, pet grooming products, accessories and more

Picture of pet bird toys from Great Companions - Bird Supplies catalog

Great Companions - Bird Supplies

Bird care supplies, feed, toys and more

Free Shipping
Picture of canada pet care from Canada Pet Care catalog

Canada Pet Care

Discount pet medications and pet supplies for dogs and cats

Picture of dog car seat cover from catalog

Dog supplies, apparel, dog car seats & everything else a dog desires

Free Shipping
Picture of pet health solutions from catalog

Healthy pet supplies from supplements and vitamins to flea and grooming products

Free Shipping
Picture of pet medicine from KV Vet Supply-Pet Catalog catalog

KV Vet Supply-Pet Catalog

25 Years dedicated to the health of your Pets

Picture of decorative bird cages from catalog

Furniture quality custom pet cages & enclosures

Picture of dog joint health from Lambert Vet Supply - Lambriar Vet catalog

Lambert Vet Supply - Lambriar Vet

Quality veterinary supplies and pet care products at great prices

Free Shipping
Picture of pet360 from Pet360 catalog


Top rated pet food and supplies for dogs, cats, birds, fish and other small pets

Free Shipping
Picture of pet cages from catalog

Pet fences, cages, aquariums and training supplies

Free Shipping
Picture of just 4 my pet from Just4MyPet catalog


Personalized pet apparel, collars, ID tags, beds, feeding supplies, and more

Free Shipping
Picture of PETCO from Petco catalog


Huge selection of supplies for dogs, cats, birds, fish and other small pets

15% Off
Picture of horse tack company from Horse Tack Co. catalog

Horse Tack Co.

Horse grooming supplies, equine therapy, training aids and stable tack

Friendly Advice
Today's friendly advice is about:

Discount pet supplies

Well if you're looking for pet beds, pet carriers, or some really online pet supply products you've come to the right place. Shopping our catalogs here makes it like having a pet store online in your mailbox. There are thousands of discount pet supplies to keep your pets healthy and happy - all at great prices. You can also Save money on your pet's prescriptions, necessities like vaccines, supplements, and infant animal care supplies and personalized pet towels. There's also great catalogs dedicated to the health of your horses. You're sure to find everything for your pets needs with our discount pet supplies online at today's top pet retailers.

Pet name tags

He's man's best friend, so make sure you take care of him as such. Put an identification tag on your pet to wear at all times. You should have his name, and at least your phone number. Here in our pet department, you'll find pet name tags as well as designer dog carriers, to designer dog beds and even designer dog furniture. You'll find breed-specific sweatshirts, t-shirts for dogs and for you, jewelry and apparel are some of the more human oriented items in these fantastic collections. A couple of our catalogs carry a great line of dog inspired artwork and discount pet supplies online at their websites.

Pet urnine remover

Sure their our best friends, but even Fido can get on your nerves. Especially when he has a little accident on Grandmother's prized persian rug. Don't freak out quite yet, because there's plenty of good and effective pet urine remover products on the market. Most of our discount pet supplies vendors here at carry pet urnine removers. So whether its dog beds, general pet supplies, or even personalized pet towels! you can be sure you'll find the right catalog here.

Browse through all of the different mail order catalogs and online catalogs available to find the best catalog for you...and if there's a catalog you can't find, just let us know!

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