Freda Salvador

Freda Salvador shoes are designed in California and hand crafted in Spain. These handmade shoes are elevated, timeless and slightly unconventional styled that ease into your everyday. Her styles isnít defined by designer trends, rather a reflection of her values. She is unafraid both in the manner in which she leads her life and way she dresses. She doesnít aspire to be, she simply is authentically herself.

  • EACH COLLECTION IS DESIGNED BY OUR FEMALE CO-FOUNDERS IN THE SEASIDE TOWN OF SAUSALITO, CA. With FREDA SALVADOR, Megan Papay & Cristina Palomo-Nelson are pioneering a movement towards inclusivity and encouragement. Together, they thoughtfully design each collection with a voice that is reflective of their complimentary virtues ó subtle yet significant, sophisticated yet uncomplicated.

  • WE BELIEVE THAT THE QUALITY AND SUSTAINABILITY OF HANDMADE PRODUCTS IS UNPARALLELED. Our footwear is cut, sewn and lasted at a tiny family run factory, in the town of Elda, Spain. These artisans are expertly skilled, using techniques that have been refined over centuries of shoemaking. We use only the finest Spanish and Italian leathers because, quite simply, they are the best. Our shoes are made to be worn and loved for generations to come.

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