Buick Regal by Classic Industries

1978-1987 Regal restoration and performance parts and accessories catalog

Buick Regal by Classic Industries catalog is the most complete and comprehensive parts store for your Grand National, T-Type, Turbo T and GNX restoration and maintenance project.

  • Buick Replacement Parts - Classic Industries 1978-87 Buick Regal catalog offers replacement parts for the highly sought after Regals. With a well-fortified list of options, the 2nd generation Buick Regal is a perennial favorite among classic auto enthusiasts. No matter the body and interior condition of your Buick Regal, Classic Industries is the single source you need for parts and accessories.

  • Accessories and Parts - You won’t have to drop your entire car restoration budget on a single part at Classic Industries with great prices and the valuable Buick Regal coupon code. You can replace your classic auto’s worn items, from door handles, hinges, upholstery, bumper fillers, and carpet, with the comprehensive selection of accessories and parts for your Buick Regal, Grand National, Turbo-T, or T-Type.

  • Buick Performance Upgrades - When you want to take your treasured Buick a step beyond a restoration using reproduction components, you will appreciate the custom upgrades specifically stocked for performance enthusiasts. Buick Regal catalog by Classic Industries carries an awesome selection of drivetrain components, suspension and brake upgrades – all from the most popular aftermarket brands in the auto parts industry.

  • Modernization and Customization Parts - Browse the most complete catalog of Regal parts to optimize both the appearance and performance of your 1978-87 Buick Regal. Whether you are restyling, modernizing, or customizing, you will find interior trim, panels, body parts, lights and electrical components, engine parts, and everything else you need to make your car show worthy.
If you are the lucky owner of a Buick Regal, use your coupon code to get the best deals on performance and restoration parts from Classic Industries, to make your collector’s car the envy of car enthusiasts everywhere.

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