Craftmaster Hardware

Top-rated security hardware, locks, and locksmith accessories

Craftmaster Hardware catalog helps security professionals ensure the success of every project with top quality, competitively priced security and lock products.

  • Facilities Management - When end-users look for the highest quality and most economically attractive security and life-safety products, the broad range of options here are the answer. With doorway systems, door locks, access control, door closers, exit devices, and hinges, security professionals will find the products they need to keep their own business and clientele well-served. This is also the place for professional locksmiths to outfit their lock shops, with everything from key cabinets and car opening tools, to lubricants and key-making tools.
  • Education Market - Craftmaster Hardware is an expert supplier of door hardware, manufactured security products, cutting edge technologies, and a full scope of security solutions for educational facilities. With the most advanced products from ASSA Abloy, BEST, and Allegion, they provision the security and buildings teams at K-12 schools and higher education institutions.

  • Hospital and Healthcare Market - Focus on patient care with healthcare security solutions to secure supplies, medical equipment, controlled substances, and ensure that your facility is safe. Craftmaster Hardware catalog carries Anti-Ligature products for behavioral health patients, and a full line of locks, accessories, and unparalled security solutions for every type of healthcare facility. Look for products from TownSteel and other top wholesale suppliers inventoried here.

  • Detention Industry - They have customer care representatives to assist in high security solutions for detention facilities, guaranteeing consistent performance and safety. With Southern Folger products, Craftmaster catalog has become the go-to partner for the detention industry.

  • Professional security experts and locksmiths can register with Craftmaster Hardware for access to the extensive wholesale catalog, and assistance from the industry’s most knowledgeable security market product consultants.

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