Exceptional European children's toys, games, blocks & dolls

Babies and children will be delighted while they learn through play with HABA USA's selection of fine European children's toys, wooden blocks, educational games and creative nursery decor.

  • Educational baby toys - Start your baby off right with colorful infant toys from Europe's finest makers of stimulating and educational toys for babies from birth to one year. Select from clutching toys like plush baby rattles, teething rattles, sensory crib toys, and dozens of other bright and beautiful playthings to engage your little one's attention and senses.

  • Unique toddler toys - As children begin to grow and explore their world, their toys should keep up with them. Sturdy Bruder trucks, colorful stacking and sorting toys, and classic Haba toys will keep your toddler, happy and learning throughout their toddler years. Haba blocks have been a staple for play and motor skill development for hundreds of thousands of happy toddlers in Europe and in the US with eco conscious design and the durability of wood for childhood classics.

  • Fantasy kids bedroom furniture - Haba toys has an delightful selection of creative play furniture, indoor swings and brightly colored area rugs for kids designed to make ordinary bedrooms into a stimulating environment for learning and play. From kids play kitchens to puppet stages and fantasy accessories, they know what makes a child's room a special place to grow up.

  • Puzzles and games - One of the most well known names in European toys is Ravensburger. Jigsaw puzzles, animal games, matching puzzles and popular Ravensburger board games like Labyrinth will provide your children with countless hours of fun and learning. Their award winning games will teach sorting, balance and counting skills, as well as development of verbal and reasoning abilities.

  • Pretend play toys - The makers of European toys are known for their quality pretend play toys. From realistic looking pretend food to puppets and dolls, they have the Haba blocks and toys that let your children learn through play. Play vegetables, dolls and a wonderful selection of colorful costumes encourage imagination and creative play.
From your baby's very first crib toys and rattles to a complex Ravensburger jigsaw puzzle, HABA USA brings the magic of European toys home to your children.

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