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The best sunglasses - Best aviator sunglasses, polarized sunglasses and FitOns from Eagle Eyes Optics!

Experience the visual difference with the best sunglasses ever created, from Eagle Eyes Sunglasses. Eagle Eyes were developed from Original NASA Optic Technology, are certified by the Space Foundation for UV and Blue-Light Protection and is Winner of the NASA/Space Foundation Technology Hall of Fame Award!

  • Eagle Eyes Sunglasses - Polarized. Proven. Certified. Eagle Eyes Optics brings you the only sunglass lens in the world that is certified by the Space Foundation. Discover high performance eyewear that provides maximum eye protection, superb visual acuity and anti-aging benefits merged with super cool and contemporary sunglass styles. See better and feel better with the best sunglasses that provide enhanced clarity, definition, color contrast and improved depth perception, all while soothing the eyes and providing relief from irritating eye fatigue and stress.

  • Best Aviator Sunglasses - When it comes to sleek shades, the classic aviators will never go out of style. Make a stylish statement while protecting your eyes with the best aviator sunglasses for men and women, available in classic silver or gold lens finishes and frames. Look your coolest while sporting water-proof and fog-proof lenses that are fingerprint and smudge repellent, and designed with the same NASA Optic Technology that is a trademark in all Eagle Eyes Sunglasses.

  • Fit-On Sunglasses - Find the best sunglasses for men and women who don't want their prescription glasses to prohibit them from enjoying their active outdoor lifestyles. Try on a pair of the easily adaptable Fit-On style sunglasses that fit over almost all prescription glasses. Ideal for both Rx wearers or non prescription lens wearers, Fit-Ons provide maximum coverage paired with a sleek frame style, soft-cushion nose pads and their hi-tech Polarized TriLenium™ Lenses that provide 99.9% protection against UVA, UVB, and harmful blue and violet light.

  • Apollo Gold Sunglasses - Invest in the best sunglasses and lenses that have been proven by solar science to withstand the harmful, vision-destroying effects of solar radiation. Embrace extreme performance while discovering the power of the Universe with the Apollo Gold line featuring triple-filter polarization, scratch and smudge resistant coating and the Advantage-12 Lens System that promises and delivers a visually stimulating experience.
Eagle Eyes Optics brings you the most innovative eyewear ever designed. From their popular Aviators to Sports Blades, Fashion-Wraps, FitOns and ClipOns for Prescription-Wearers and more, you’ll find just the right style for you! Say goodbye to squinting and hello to seeing, clearer than ever, with Eagle Eyes Sunglasses.

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