Seasons - Cashmere & Shawls

Gorgeous cashmere shawls and wraps for every style and season

Experience the beauty and change of the seasons with handmade women’s cashmere shawls and scarves that evoke luxury, warmth, and the centuries old charm of the Kashmiri art, only from the Kashmir Seasons Collection.

  • Shawls - In search of the perfect shawl to complete the look of your bridal party or an elegant wrap that will pair beautifully with your favorite little black dress? Whether you're looking for a striking paisley print or a one-of-a-kind pashmina that is truly a work of fashion art, you’ll find extraordinary pieces that will breathe new life into your wardrobe, season after season. Bring elegance and refined culture into your closet by wrapping yourself up in luxurious cashmere wraps and shawls that are 100% hand embroidered, hand dyed, hand sewed and 100% authentic, crafted by blessed hands using only the softest and highest quality fabrics.

  • Seasonal Collections - Merging the beauty of Far Eastern culture with the modern trends of today’s Western world, the Kashmir Company helps you discover a stunning selection of high fashion accessories that reflect the most meticulous levels of detail and craftsmanship. Bring the inspiration of every season into your wardrobe with a fall collection that is rich in autumnal tones and textures. Treat your inner snow angel to cashmere shawls in vivid reds, warm greens and sensual cream colors to ensure the coziest of winters. Revel in the rebirth of spring with romantic, floral and blossoming patterns, or lighten up with airy summer shawls that will give you the perfect amount of coverage on those breezy summer nights.

  • Collector’s Edition - Experience a one-of-a-kind creation with limited edition wearable pieces of art comprised of the most exquisite, extravagant and sumptuous shawls ever constructed. Display your love of fine art draped over your shoulders with the Collector’s Edition of museum worthy treasures made from the rarest and purest 100% pashmina wool from the Himalayas. You’ll be the belle of the ball in a regal selection of expertly hand embroidered cashmere wraps and shawls fit for any queen, muse, goddess or empress.

  • Gifts - Looking for a gift that she’ll look forward to wearing winter, spring, summer or fall? Whether it’s Mother’s Day, the holidays, or a best friend’s Birthday, you’ll find the perfect token that she’ll come back to every season, with options that cater to every budget and price point.
The Kashmir Seasons Collection is your passport to an exquisitely crafted collection of authentic cashmere shawls and scarves that give your wardrobe a hint of history, luxury, and a touch of exotic flair. From silky scarves for day to elegant wraps for evening, lightweight and floral shawls for spring to cozy scarves to cuddle under in front of a roaring fire, you’ll find exquisite collections that envelop you in style and sophistication, all year round.

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