Gorgeous women's suits, hats, womens church suits and special occasion dresses in regular and plus sizes

Discover a figure flattering collection of high fashion regular and plus size skirt suits, pants suits and special occasion dresses for women. Shop with confidence for beautiful clothing at Womensuits.com for the most stylish and highest quality fashion you will find anywhere.

  • Regular & Plus Size Skirt Suit Ensembles - Womensuits.com offers an exceptional selection of high fashion regular and plus size womenís suits with the fit you love. Find dress denim and linen suits that will make an elegant statement at church or a wedding, whether you're a guest or the mother of the bride. You will love the cocktail party and special occasion suits in every color palette from designers Lisa Rene, Champagne Elite and Giovanna.

  • Regular & Plus Size Elegant Womenís Church Suits - Every Sunday, stylish women of God dress to rejoice and socialize. Designs by Fifth Sunday, Ben Marc and Dorinda Clark Cole are stylish, classic, today, and timeless. Womensuits.com has pretty pastel Easter suits and rich colors for the Christmas holiday services. WomenSuits.com has the looks that promise you will look your Sunday best. The church suits here make you feel well dressed and well blessed.

  • Must Have Matching Church Hats - What would a Sunday be without beautiful, colorful, daring womenís church hats? Browse the catalog or website for designer hats to complement your new suit, or match a favorite dress. Make a statement with a bold Kentucky derby hat, Donna Vinci designer hat, feathered wide brim dress hat, colorful bandino or costume hat.

  • Regular & Plus Size Casual Chic Printed Dresses - Who says that you canít look exquisite in a casual atmosphere? Exercise your right to look stunning all the time with this collection of casual wear. Youíll quickly notice that these dresses offer more than just a perfect fit for your figure. The styles youíll find here are trendy and sophisticated Ė perfect for a night on the town or a private family event. Designs by Love the Queen are the exotic styled fashions that make a dramatic entrance at any function.

  • Regular & Plus Size Ravishing Mother Of The Bride Or Groom - You want to look extra special on your daughter or sonís big day, and WomenSuits.com has just the tailored designer suit to make it all happen. For a more casual wedding, select one of their women's special occasion suits or tailored separates for comfort and style from the first greeting to the last hug goodbye. You will find the perfect color and cut from the extensive selection of designer dresses and skirt suits.
They promise 100% satisfaction and are proud to be ranked #1 for church attire by Fashion Today Magazine. Oprah Magazine, Vogue and Essence regularly feature their fashions as the most stylish outfits for every special occasion.

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