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Brahmin Handbags

Must-have handbag styles, featuring Brahmin handbags for work or play

Discover the latest handbag styles from the Brahmin collections, luxury bags that redefine timeless style.

  • Shop by Type - Brahmin: [brah-min] (noun) 1. A term used in Boston during the 1800's to describe a cultured person from an established upper-class family. 2. The name behind an exceptional collection of women's handbags that are designed to meet the discerning taste of any Brahmin. If you are attracted to handbags that cater to the sleek and sophisticated, you'll fall in love with the polished and refined selection of bags from Brahmin. Ideal for socialites, jetsetters and businesswomen alike, Brahmin handbags are classically beautiful and always functional. Shop by your preferred type, featuring clutches, crossbodies and carry ons, hobos, satchels, totes and more. Browse backpacks, business bags and laptop cases for day, mini bags and wristlets for night, and even more styles that all exude the elegance of a Brahmin.

  • Shop by Collection - Brahmin allows you to find the bag of your dreams, conveniently sorted by handbag type, color, or collection. With a bevy of bags to choose from, you are bound to find the perfect carryall that will complement and enhance your personal style. From decadent Croco leather bags to Luxe animal prints, whimsical Luna polka dots to the limited edition Vault collection of Brahmin's most iconic styles redesigned, you'll have access to a versatile collection of totes that will take you Anywhere, Anytime, and more fashion staples that will help you emanate upper class confidence.

  • Shop by Color - When it comes to handbag fashion, its all about the structure, shape, texture and color. Whether you prefer a basic colored bag that will go with everything, or a vibrant hued handbag that will pump up any outfit, Brahmin has a design that is made in your ideal shade. Shop a rainbow of solid and tri-colored handbag styles that meet your color criteria, with bags that range from neutral browns, beiges, blacks and greys, to pops of pink, splashes of red, royal blues, greens, purples, and classic whites.

  • Shop Accessories - From key rings that double as elegant handbag charms to lipstick holders and leather bangle bracelets, Brahmin doesn't stop at luxurious handbags. Take your handbag styles a step further by accessorizing your satchels, hobos, carry ons, crossbodies and totes with a classic collection of everyday accessories including women's wallets, checkbook wallets and cosmetic cases that will make the contents of your bag appear just as elegant and rich as its chic outer shell.
You don't have to live in Boston to carry a Brahmin. Since 1982, the husband and wife team of Joan and Bill Martin have cornered the market of handbag fashion, adorning fashion forward women all across the country, with an exquisite collection of handbags that define and redefine timeless style.

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