Beau Ties Ltd. of Vermont

The look of a gentleman

Beau Ties of Vermont is the leader in men's ties. Find the look you want in their unmatched collection of unique traditional and contemporary ties.

  • Classic pre-tied and untied bow ties - The standard in classic men's ties, the bow tie is Beau Ties' specialty. Choose from a dazzling array of patterns and colors to complement your wardrobe. Their bow ties are available in pre-tied, clip-on or untied versions, so you can always have the perfect tie for every occasion.

  • Silk neck ties - If you prefer the standard long tie, they offer beautiful silk neck ties in all the same wonderful fabrics as their classic bow ties. Choose men's ties in loose, pre-tied or clip-on versions in your choice of patterns.

  • Learn how to tie a necktie If you've had to settle for only men's clip on ties, because you didn't know how to tie one properly, Beau Ties has the answer for you. Tying neckties won't be a mystery any longer when you watch their streaming online video teaching you how to tie a perfect knot every time. Or order their instructional DVD for someone you know…a perfect graduation gift for the new business man or dashing young professional.

  • Men's custom shirts - Enjoy the ultimate in comfortable business and casual attire when you select custom made men's shirts. Whether you choose a men's long sleeve plaid shirt, one of their 100% cotton twill shirts, or another one of their quality fabrics, you'll be assured of a shirt made to fit you perfectly from collar to cuff.

  • Ladies fashion silk scarves - Beau Ties has not forgotten the ladies. Adorn your outfits with soft as cloud silk scarves, made with the same care and attention to detail as their ties.

Beau Ties is committed to providing their customers with the little details that make a man's wardrobe. From traditional Celtic neckties that show your Highland pride or ring in the holiday season, to subtle prints that go with your business suit, for men's fine neckties and custom shirts, there is only one Beau Ties of Vermont.

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