Smart wool clothing, base layers, gloves, hats, socks and more from SmartWool

The pioneers from SmartWool enjoy the great distinction of being the forerunners who first brought merino wool to the US. With SmartWool clothing, base layers and accessories, you'll enjoy the softest, most luxurious merino wool garments that offer extraordinary comfort.

  • SmartWool base layers & underwear - It's a fact. Base layers function as the most important clothing layer because they are the closest to the skin and have moisture control. Enjoy a comfortable layer of protection under every piece from the SmartWool clothing collection with light, moisture managing base layers that protect against chafing and wetness. Choose from long, short, light, heavy, up to the neck and base layers cut for ski boots as well as SmartWool boxers and briefs that are every bit as comforting as their bestselling SmartWool socks.

  • SmartWool - Not your grandmother's wool, merino wool is extremely comfortable, machine washable, dryer safe and there is no itch associated with wearing it. As an added bonus, when you choose Smartwool clothing, base layers and accessories you'll discover great warmth while feeling confident since there is absolutely no stink or smell that occurs from wearing it.

  • SmartWool clothing - Stay toasty and fashionable from your head down to your feet with SmartWool clothing, accessories and smart wool socks featuring protective merino wool base layers, tops, bottoms and outerwear for men, women and children. Whether you're shopping the SmartWool Sport Collection for an active day on the slopes, or the Style Collection for trendy merino wool winter looks, you'll find tops, sweaters, jackets and sport pants that will keep you feeling and looking your best no matter how low the temperature drops.

  • SmartWool gloves & merino wool accessories - Besides SmartWool's breakthrough base layers and clothing, you'll also find a warm and wooly selection of SmartWool accessories including SmartWool gloves, reversible scarves, neck gaiters, arm warmers, legwarmers, tights, indoor slippers and soft and sporty Smartwool hats that are always comfy, never itchy and totally stylish. Choose from ribbed wool caps, beanies, balaclavas, headbands and ear flap SmartWool hats for the chilliest of snow days.
For over a decade, SmartWool has been bringing skiers, hikers, snowboarders, runners, cyclists and residents of cold weather climates everywhere the high performance SmartWool base layers, SmartWool clothing and accessories that keep every body part warm, dry and 100% comfortable. Whether you're exploring the ski trails or sipping cocoa in the ski lodge, when it comes to cold winter comfort, SmartWool is always your smartest choice.

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