Best women's activewear - Performance active wear and fitness clothing for active lifestyles

Discover the best women's activewear for today's active women, featuring women's fitness clothing for running, cycling, and any sport under the sun.

Best women's activewear - In today's active world, moms aren't just moms. In the POPPYsports world, moms are triathletes, grandmas hit the surf and our fellow sisters are master cyclers. Today, women are an active force to be reckoned with, which is why POPPYsports outfits these ladies in the best women's activewear and performance gear they need in order to suit up for a wide range of athletic activities. From running shorts to cycling tops, wetsuits to yoga pants, you'll find women's fitness clothing that you can feel good about wearing around the clock, no matter what adventure you decide to embark on.


Activewear for running - Whether your running schedule includes early morning jogs, an hour on the treadmill at the gym or regular weekend marathons, you'll find all of the best women's activewear styles featuring fashionable and functional running gear that will help you sprint in style. Browse a collection of short-sleeved, long-sleeved or sleeveless running tops, skirts, shorts and pants, running vests, jackets, and high-visibility women's fitness clothes that will keep you seen, safe and sound, every time you break a sweat.


Activewear for cycling - If a bicycle is your preferred means of transport, you'll enjoy a colorful variety of cycling clothes that will keep you comfortable while pedaling down the street, and/or in spin class. Choose from cycling jerseys, high-performance bike shorts and cycling knickers. Besides the best women's activewear, you'll also find the best women's fitness underwear including sports bras, panties, socks and thermal underwear that will keep you warm during those cold weather workouts.


Triathlon & Swimming clothing - Experience the difference the right performance apparel makes when you invest in premium triathlon apparel that ranges from tri tops and tri shorts for land to tri suits and wetsuits for the water. No matter if you're a triple threat triathlete or strictly a swimmer, you'll find the best women's activewear fit for the pool or ocean from an innovative collection of one-piece swimsuits and wetsuits, bikinis, swimming goggles, swimming caps and more swim-friendly gear.


Lifestyle & Travel clothing - Not only does POPPYsports provide the best women's fitness clothes for working out, but they also feature stylish lifestyle clothing for play. Try on fashionable lifestyle apparel to live in whether you're running laps, lounging around or traveling to far away destinations. Choose from easy and breezy lifestyle skirts and dresses, lifestyle tops, pants, shorts and outerwear fashions to show off any day of the week.

Whether you run, swim, ski, hike, cycle or snowboard, you'll find the leading selection of activewear at POPPYsports, featuring the best women's fitness clothing styles that deliver comfort, style and peak performance with every day and every work out.

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