Mold making, casting materials and mold tools for the artist

Tackle your next great art project with environmentally friendly, user safe mold making supplies and casting materials, exclusively from the Art Molds catalog.

  • Casting Supplies - When it comes to life casting and general artist's casting supplies, consider ArtMolds your lifeline to eco-friendly, sculptor safe products. Shop a wide selection of metal, stone and wood cold casting powders, plaster and gypsums, latex and silicone casting rubbers, polyurethane resin and more vital materials. Extend the life and strength of your artwork with casting fibers and fillers, or achieve the perfect presentation with handsome mounting options and engraved name plates that will show off your pieces with pride.

  • Mold Making Supplies - Art Molds helps you secure the quintessential mold making system that is just right for your application featuring complete, all-inclusive kits for amateurs to experts that are designed to yield professional caliber results every time. Whether you're molding fake food props or crafting out of clay or ceramic, you'll have access to release agents, silicone rubber, polyurethane rubber, plaster bandages, liquid latex, clay and waxes, ceramic supplies, skin safe alginate and silicone molds, and all of the raw material you need on hand to complete your masterpiece mold.

  • Studio Accessories - Stock your studio with a premium selection of money, time and labor saving tools, featuring mold making equipment and consumables that will help you perfect every project. ArtMolds delivers general purpose equipment to heavy duty vibrating tables, vacuum chambers, pumps, pressure pots, and more studio essentials that will help you perfect all of your molds and castings. From disposable latex gloves, masks and mixing containers to a full line of tools including calipers, knives, modeling stands and spatulas, you'll find top rate supplies and tools to accommodate any artist's budget.

  • Art Supplies- Shop a specialized collection of casting specific and mold making supplies including makeup palettes, various paints, pigments and dyes, plus eyes and body parts for your life casting and sculpture pieces. You'll find realistic glass and acrylic eyes, human skulls and plaster study casts of body parts. Find your perfect medium and painting system that will allow you to paint latex, silicone, resin and skin with ease. Fill your makeup boxes with multiple piece brush sets, eye shadows, concealers, kits, bald caps, and more theatrical makeup tools of the trade.
Since 1998, Art Molds has delivered eco conscious art supplies featuring the best environmentally friendly brands of mold making and life casting materials, as well as helpful books, instructional videos and resources.

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