Leisure Arts

Pattern books for knitting, sewing, cross stitch, plastic canvas pattern books and more from Leisure Arts

Leisure Arts brings beginning and expert crafters a library of knitting pattern books, cross stitch pattern books, crochet, quilting, embroidery and plastic canvas pattern books, plus a vast selection of titles and DVD's that cover general craft making topics.

  • Leisure Arts Pattern Books - Leisure Arts strives to bring you the finest patterns and do-it-yourself books that will help you make the most out of your crafting experience. From knitting pattern books to beading, crochet and cross stitch pattern books, Leisure Arts books make it easy for beginners to teach themselves a new art while also challenging experienced crafters with projects that meet their particular level of expertise.

  • Knitting Pattern Books - Supplement your wardrobe with gorgeous knitwear, created by you! Leisure Arts brings you an extensive selection of knitting pattern books that will have you knitting cozy sweaters, shawls, scarves, mittens, afghans, baby clothes and adorable knitted creatures and toys for your little ones in no time.

  • Cross Stitch Pattern Books - Whether you're learning the very basics of cross stitching or ready for advanced cross stitching projects, Leisure Arts has the level of your stitching skills covered. Order cross stitching pattern books that will get you on your way to creating gorgeous framable art, pillows, cross stitched ornaments and stockings for the holidays and more!

  • Plastic Canvas Pattern Books - Enjoy reliable step by step instructions to produce endless crafting masterpieces with plastic canvas pattern books from Leisure Arts. Make your own wall hangings, magnets, bookmarks, tissue box covers, office decor and dozens of other crafty creations that are all expertly hand made.
Leisure Arts books and DVD's help today's crafters master and hone multiple crafting skills. From the basic how to's of jewelry making and scrapbooking to advanced needlepoint, Leisure Arts provides you with the leading pattern books on the market including knitting pattern books, guides for crocheting, beading, children's crafts, plastic canvas pattern books and many more reliable and inspirational publications.

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