Fun and Function

Kids learning games, exceptional sensory activities and fine motor products for kids

Fun and Function is a kid's wonderland, committed to providing affordable, educational and therapeutic toys, games and equipment for all children, especially those with special needs. Children with sensory processing disorder, autism, or developmental delays benefit from this distinctive selection of children's educational toys, kids learning games, sensory integration activities, fine and gross motor products and resources.

Excellent service and best prices earn the loyalty of therapists, schools, daycare centers, and families!
  • Kids learning games - For cool and fun games for both classroom use and home use, Fun and Function has a winning collection of perception games and speech therapy games, puzzles and play activities that are fun and instructive. From magnetic matching games to sequencing cards, these powerful teaching tools and products help children increase language skills, strengthen cognitive and critical thinking skills, and foster their imagination.

  • Fine motor products for kids learning - Help develop their fine motor skills with fine motor activities and products like Fun and Function's Magical Apparel Line featuring weighted fireman vests and princess vests for 3-8 year olds to practice dressing themselves! Choose from fine motor games, crafts and tools for strengthening hands, 9-piece fine motor kits for developing handwriting and drawing skills, easy-grip scissors, fine motor manipulatives and even more exclusive fine motor products!

  • Sensory integration activities for kids - If your child has sensory issues, Fun and Function has the sensory integration therapy products you'll both love including weighted blankets, weighted comforters and weighted vests that give great sensory input, calming and giving children a deep reassuring hug! A weighted compression vest combines pressure and weight to calm and soothe children. You'll also find sensory brushing therapy products, sensory balls, kids massagers, cushions and tactile products as well as swing seats, rotaters, and trampolines for balance training.

  • Speech therapy activities - Fun and Function features the most fun games and activities available for speech therapy from Cool Cards for language development to Toss 'N Talk balls and other really fun classroom learning games they'll want to play every day! They'll dive into magnetic activities like Learning Magnets that come in bright and colorful sets and teach kids all about nouns, verbs, adjectives and social phrases in a fresh, innovative and always fun way!

  • Exercise activities - Comfortable foam scooters strengthen gross motor skills, and come in different shapes and sizes to give kids a fun workout. Kids love to ride the saddle scooter like a cowboy, and propel themselves on the tummy scooter. Exercise balls strengthen core muscles, and hopper balls are great for indoor and outdoor use!

  • Therapeutic play toys - There's a multitude of kids learning games and toys out there to choose from. How do you find one that serves the dual purpose of entertaining a child while helping them learn and grow during those crucial stages of development? From squishy balls to peanut balls, scooter boards to balance boards, just thumb through a Fun and Function educational toy catalog for sensory toys, tactile toys, kids puzzles, educational toddler toys and all of the hard to find specialty kids learning toys that will provide fun while increasing function!
Whether you are a parent, a teacher or a pediatric therapist, Fun and Function educational toy catalogs are the leading source for fun educational toys that will support your child's development, strengthen their skill sets, and build their self esteem.

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