Prestwick House

Prestwick House - Vocabulary activities and resources for teaching Language Arts

Prestwick House supplies Language Arts teachers with everything they need for the English classroom. Discover vocabulary activities and an impressive selection of tools for teaching vocabulary and literature to today's students.

  • Prestwick House - Since 1983, Prestwick has served as one of the country's premier educational publishers, featuring over 2,500 books in print, all designed to supplement your Language Arts curriculum. Whether you are teaching Language Arts classes with an emphasis on classic Literature, core language skills, or teaching vocabulary, Prestwick House is completely dedicated to providing English and Language Arts teachers of all levels the award-winning learning resources they need in order to help their students succeed.

  • Teaching vocabulary - Find teaching resources that will guide your way through vocabulary activities that will engage your students, build stronger vocabularies and raise test scores with stunning results. From Vocabulary Power Plus to Vocabulary for the College Bound, you'll find helpful teaching materials for all levels of study, whether your focal point is Vocabulary from Literature or Vocabulary from Latin and Greek Roots, Prestwick House has an ideal program that will not only suit your Language Arts curriculum, it will also suit your budget.

  • Teaching language arts - Prestwick House books feature an exhaustive selection of exceptional literary titles to incorporate into your Literature classes. Choose from paperbacks or hardcover books showcasing the writings of Shakespeare and Chaucer, books celebrating ancient Greek Mythology, and literary Touchstone Classics that are unabridged, unadapted, and complete with helpful pointers and glossary notes. Prestwick also helps teachers take advantage of incredible savings with Literary Bundles that contain teaching materials combined with class sets of 30 books!
For over twenty-five years, Prestwick House has been providing useful information and quality products for English teachers to bring into their classrooms. When it comes to Language Arts curriculum, Prestwick House books make teaching Language Arts and teaching Vocabulary skills a rewarding process by building a solid curriculum that meets the needs of every individual student.

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