Baseline Software

Great prices on popular computer software products

Shop and save on full-version computer software products featured at the lowest prices including popular software from Adobe, Microsoft, IBM, McAfee and others, only at Baseline Software. All products covered by a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee and a Best Price Guarantee.

Computer software products - Whether you're a student, a business owner, a designer or a computer owner who wants to keep their machine properly protected, Baseline Software will set you up with affordable software for the lowest prices, guaranteed. Find popular software from all of the leading brands including Adobe computer software, Vista, Photoshop, antivirus computer software, PDF readers, and more 100% authentic and genuine computer software products.


Antivirus computer software - Safeguard your computer from nasty viruses, hackers, worms and various internet threats that can wreak havoc on your machine and hard drive with premium internet security and antivirus computer software products from Baseline Software. Protect your PC with full-versions of popular software programs including Norton, Symantec and McAfee antivirus software that will stop viruses dead in their tracks.


Design & Graphics software - Satisfy all of your in-house design needs with a wide assortment of Adobe computer software products that provide you with breakthrough design tools and features. Choose from Photoshop software, Adobe Illustrator, After Effects, Adobe Acrobat, Dreamweaver, Fireworks and more popular software from Adobe including premium Adobe CS4 and CS5 bundles.


Business software - From QuickBooks and Turbo Tax software programs that will make things easier when tax season rolls around to antivirus computer software protection, Microsoft Professional software editions and other basic business and office themed computer software products to keep your business running smoothly and efficiently all year round, you'll always make a wise business investment when you invest in affordable software packages from Baseline Software.

Since 2007, Baseline Software has been providing their customers with direct access to the most popular software products available, at wholesale prices that they can afford. Find affordable software for computers for both the home or office, plus, all of the genuine software products featured at Baseline Software come covered by a 60 day money back guarantee - just one of many Baseline shopping advantages.

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