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Compare cameras, camcorders, and consumer electronics from all the top brands

Discover a picture perfect selection of digital cameras, camcorders, consumer electronics and accessories, online at Focus Camera.

  • Photo & Video - FocusCamera ensures that you're always ready to smile and say cheese with the hottest brands and models in stock and ready to ship. Compare cameras and take your picfrom the most coveted selection of brand names in the industry including Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Sony, Samsung, and the list goes on and on. Choose from digital SLR, Point and Shoot cameras, lenses, film SLR and filters as well as video digital recorders, camcorders and accessories that will help you capture every special moving moment and milestone.

  • Binoculars & Scopes - Get up close and personal with the perfect set of binoculars and scopes that will make you see things clearer than ever before. See the stars or explore the wonders of science with premium telescopes and microscopes. Get a bird's eye view at your next sporting event or of an actual bird nesting high up in the upper branches with a deluxe set of binoculars or spotting scopes, only from Focus Camera.

  • Accessories - Whether you're a first time shooter, a professional photo journalist, or a weekend shutterbug who loves to snap pics to post on Instagram, you'll find a wide variety of accessories that will complement your gadgets and equipment at any skill level. Zoom into a sharp selection of accessories, guaranteed to help you get the right shot. Compare cameras and accessorize them with premium lenses, tripods, batteries, chargers, and all of your shooting essentials. Stock up on memory cards, bags and cases, cleaning/care kits, and last but certainly not least, film.

  • Lighting & Studio - Cast the perfect glow on every subject with professional lighting and studio essentials that will elevate every shot. From background equipment for your studio or store to camera flashes, studio lighting and umbrellas, you'll have access to reflectors and receivers, bulbs, adapters, extension cords, mounting bars, wireless remote controls, flash triggers, emergency flashlights, and everything you need you need to brighten your surroundings and illuminate your images like a pro.

  • Electronics & Computing - FocusCamera doesn't just do cameras. In addition to their vast selection of photography equipment, you'll also find an impressive assortment of consumer electronics including computers, tablets and televisions, MP3 players, radios and headphones, DVD players, home theater accessories, speakers, and more.
Since 1966, Focus Camera has spent over four decades delivering the top brand-name photographic products and accessories on the market. From the latest and greatest digital cameras and camcorders to digital frames, binoculars and scopes, you'll find all of the coordinating gear and accessories a photographer needs in their bag, shop or studio.

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