Delicious caviar and smoked salmon - Russian, American, Iranian and red caviar

Petrossian is the first name in caviar, featuring the finest online caviar from Iranian Caviar to Red Caviar and Transmontanus farmed Caviar, raised in fresh California waters. Petrossian also brings you other gourmet food online including smoked fish, smoked salmon, foie gras and paté, as well as decadent bakery and chocolate treats.

  • Petrossian Caviar - If you enjoy the finer things in life, you can't get any finer than caviar. Petrossian makes it easy to indulge your passion for caviar with a selection of some of the world’s most luxurious caviar. With American caviar and Iranian caviar, you'll enjoy champagne wishes and caviar dreams with Petrossian's flawless selection.

  • Iranian Caviar - Gift your palette with the smooth and buttery taste of Petrossian's Iranian caviar. Exceedingly rare, Iranian caviar allows true caviar connoisseurs to appreciate the larger sized eggs and the glossier, bolder color and fuller flavor. Considered the pinnacle of caviar artistry, Iranian caviar is exquisitely rich with a complex array of briny notes. Purchase caviar, a container of crème fraîche and a pack of Petrossian's mini blini pancakes that will compliment your caviar and create a beautifully refined treat.

  • Gift baskets - Give a special someone a special treat with Petrossian’s variety of gift baskets. Each gift basket holds a different selection, but they all feature Petrossian’s gourmet touch. Varieties include the Petrossian Aperitif Basket (with duck foie gras, Hackleback caviar, Savory Cheese Cookies, and more), the Petrossian Dessert Sampler (with Moelleux au Chocolat, Coconut Cake, Black Truffle Fudge, and more), and the Petrossian Brunch Basket (with Sliced Smoked Salmon, Duck Breast Prosciutto, Petrossian Parisian Blend Ground Coffee, and more.

  • Red caviar - If you're a fan of Salmon, you'll enjoy Petrossian's delicious Salmon Roe prized for its larger, firmer bead and juicy sweetness! Salmon roe, often referred to as red caviar, is harvested, lightly salted and packed in Petrossian's attractive signature isothermic case for a truly extravagant gift!

  • Smoked fish - Petrossian proudly offers you another Russian delicacy besides their caviar - smoked salmon. Choose from Classic Sliced or Tsar Cut Smoked Salmon, Dill Marinated or Black Sea Spiced Smoked Salmon. Pair your Smoked salmon with a taste of Salmon roe or other smoked fish varieties including Smoked Black Cod, Smoked Sturgeon, Smoked Scallops and other fresh and fragrant smoked selections.

  • Caviar accessories - Serve your Petrossian caviar in style with a handsome Caviar server from Petrossian. Enjoy Caviar spoons made of nonreactive mother of pearl that allows your Iranian caviar or red caviar's fragile flavor to shine through. You'll also find sterling and crystal caviar presentoirs, caviar plates and other fine serving pieces to enjoy your delicious caviar.
Originally founded in France in 1920, Petrossian Paris began as a fine-dining Parisian restaurant featuring exquisite French food and has steadily grown into an international brand with the reputation for being the foremost name in caviar and charming French delicacies. From Iranian caviar and Persicus caviar, (most similar to Beluga caviar, which is now unavailable in the U.S.) to smoked fish and now with a selection of wines and champagnes, Petrossian excels with a reputation for producing fine caviar, making it convenient to order many exquisite varieties of caviar online.

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