Double R Ranch Steaks

World famous steaks and roasts - the best steak cuts

Experience the most succulent gourmet steaks and roasts available online, hand sorted, hand cut and aged to perfection, only from the Double R Ranch beef collection.

  • Steaks - If you're a lover of all things meaty, you've met your match. Find all of the best steak cuts including four packs of elegant Filet Mignon steaks, rich and juicy Ribeyes, and New York Strip loins that are ready to be seasoned, grilled, served and savored. Select your favorite sizes, from 6 ounce to 14-ounce cuts to feed the entire family. Whether it's reserved for your own dinner table or intended as a gourmet gift for your favorite beef loving foodie, you'll find only the most premium hand sorted and hand graded USDA beef featuring the best steaks for grilling that are flash-frozen and hand-packed to ensure freshness, and guaranteed to meet Double R's exacting criteria.

  • Roasts - Elicit oohs and ahhs at your next dinner party or family gathering with a mouthwatering Double R Ranch roast that is perfectly aged and ideal for entertaining. Choose from traditional or center cut premium Tenderloin Roasts available in two pound or one and a half pound sizes. Have a bigger party to accommodate? Order a succulent six and a half pound Prime Rib Ribeye Roast that will serve as an elegant culinary centerpiece for any celebration, as well as an impressive gourmet gift. You'll find all of the cooking instructions you need to prepare your roast to perfection, available in every shipment as well as online in easy to follow step by step format.

  • The Concho Collection - Discover the Double R Ranch beef limited edition selection of their best steak cuts and most sought after seasonal selections known as the Concho Collection. You'll find expertly hand cut and exceptionally aged cuts of meat that are flavorful, tender, juicy, and certified delicious. Choose from the Cap of Ribeye (also aptly known as Butcher's Butter), the Cowboy Chop Bone-in Ribeye, or sensational seasonal collections that vary winter, spring, summer and fall. All of these select cuts are often in limited supply, so be sure to savor every bite while you can.

  • Small Plates - She's craving Filet Mignon, you're ready to sink your teeth into a hearty Ribeye. Mix and match the best steaks for grilling and beyond by ordering them solo, with convenient petite plate options that are smaller in size yet still exponentially big on flavor. Whether you're having an intimate dinner for two or serving up mini steak appetizers at a cocktail party, you'll be sure to find the right perfectly portioned sizes to meet and fulfill all of your dining needs.
Consider the Double R Ranch Co. your premiere provider for gourmet steaks and premium roasts that are consummately aged, masterfully hand cut, and guaranteed to impress any discerning palate. In addition to their hand graded USDA beef, you'll also find expert cookware, grilling tools, seasoning salts, cooking guides and valuable tips that will ensure that you serve up a truly flawless meal, every time.

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