World famous almond toffee, candied popcorn, truffles and delicious gourmet chocolate gifts

Enstrom Candies has been satisfying confectionary cravings for over 50 years with their mouth-watering almond toffee, toffee popcorn, creamy chocolates, truffles, and the most luscious candy gifts for any occasion.

  • Almond Toffee - Experience the irresistible flavor that started it all. Discover the all-natural, world famous Enstrom almond toffee that is meticulously handmade using the freshest California almonds paired with pure cane sugar and sweet cream, covered in rich layers of chocolate and sprinkled with a delicate dusting of crushed almond topping. Choose from 1, 2, or 4 lb boxes of milk or dark chocolate, or treat your taste buds to mini toffee goodness with bite sized petites, bars, individually wrapped singles and crumbs. Get your salty/sweet fix with yummy almond toffee popcorn mixed and mingled with added almonds, cashews and pecans for the ultra-indulgent treat.

  • Gourmet Chocolate - Whether you prefer creamy or crunchy, Enstrom Candies has something for chocolate lovers of every variety, featuring a rich assortment of heavenly, melt in your mouth chocolate creations. Explore mini pecan turtles that pack in maximize flavor, creamy milk and dark chocolate coated caramels, smooth chocolate ganache truffle assortments, plus delightful chocolate covered almond, pecan and cashew nuts clusters and chews that are sure to satiate any sweet tooth.

  • Sugar-Free - Tired of skimping on sugary treats? Whether you're watching your blood sugar or your waistline, you can enjoy all of the sweetness minus all of the glucose related guilt with tantalizing sugar-free varieties of your most beloved favorites! Choose from their signature Enstrom almond toffee in sugar-free form as well as crazy crunchy delicious sugar-free almond toffee popcorn and all sugar-free nut clusters that will satisfy any candy-coated craving while catering to any specialty diet.

  • Gifts - No matter what the occasion calls for, candy confections always make the sweetest gift. Explore a handsomely packaged variety of candy assortments housed in decorative gift tins, baskets and gift packs that will make every option an effortless and ideal choice for holidays and all occasion gift giving. Tying the knot? Treat your guests to decadently flavored favors in your choice of their signature gourmet toffee, gourmet chocolates, or other fine confections with personalized packaging available to commemorate the day you say "I Do".

  • Corporate Gifts - Make corporate gift giving a simple pleasure with custom gift boxes, baskets and 8 custom message sleeves/cards that will help you show off your company logo while sending the perfect toffee gift to your favorite customers, clients, colleagues and staff. Give them your list, they will do the rest. Call 1-800-367-8766 for more information.
Enstrom Candies was born from a rich history that dates all the way back to 1919, when Chet Enstrom labored during nights and weekends trying to perfect his world famous almond toffee. Nearly a century later, the confectionary family legacy has lived on, delivering batch after batch of their beloved toffee that is still to this day, made by hand using only the finest, freshest ingredients.

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