Aplets & Cotlets

Gourmet fruit-and-nut candies and specialty food gifts

Since 1920 Aplets & Cotlets have been a beloved American Christmas tradition for giving, sharing, and holiday entertaining. Liberty Orchards products feature mouth-watering varieties of fruit-and-nut candies, with sugar-free, nut-free, and chocolate versions, delicious Orchard Bars, homestyle treats, baked goods, and holiday food gifts.

  • Famous Aplets & Cotlets Candy - Their Famous Apple-Walnut & Apricot-Walnut Candies are cooked and packed by hand in Cashmere Washington. The blossom-fresh flavor of crisp Washington apples, the tangy goodness of ripe apricots (locally known as "cots"), and the nutty richness of crunchy English walnuts have made their namesake Aplets and Cotlets their top sellers since 1920! They still do most everything by hand, just like when they first began making their famous candies, so you can taste the nostalgia in every bite.

  • Fruit Delights Candy - Each box contains a delicious assortment of six fruit-and-nut flavors, including slow-simmered Strawberry-Walnut, marmalade style Orange-Walnut, cool mountain Blueberry-Pecan, sweet island Pineapple-Macadamia, tangy ripe Raspberry-Pecan, and summer-fresh Peach-Walnut. Each tempting flavor is distinctively different, but so equally delicious that you may have a hard time choosing your favorite!

  • Orchard Bars - Liberty Orchards has been working on the Orchard Bar for over three years, and they think you're gonna love them! In their marketing, they say they're "Natural and Nutritious, and Incredibly Delicious." There are all sorts of "health-energy-nutrition" bars on the market, but most of them don't taste very good. The Orchard Bar has all the good things those other bars have... all-natural, good source of protein, high in Omega 3, rich in antioxidants, 60% organic ingredients, gluten-free, no trans fats, low sodium, no cholesterol, vegan, non-GMO, no preservatives, and so on. But on top of all that, their Orchard Bars are yummy and satisfying. Made from wholesome fruits, premium nuts & seeds, and protein-rich soy nuggets, the Orchard Bar makes for a delicious snack, quick meal, or sweet treat.

  • Sugar-Free Candy - Find sugar-free versions of your favorites that are just as delicious as the originals! Choose from Sugar-free Aplets & Cotlets, Fruit Delights, Berry Delights, and more sugar-free assortments that make great gifts for both diabetics and those keeping an eye on their sugar intake. Plus, most Aplets & Cotlets fruit candies are kosher, so sweets lovers who keep kosher kitchens can take advantage of their delicious kosher candy treats!

  • Chocolates and Holiday Food Gifts - Spread holiday cheer by giving your friends, work associates and loved ones popular gourmet candy confections from Liberty Orchards. Their products are packed in festive boxes, fancy gift tins, or gift wrapped with ribbons and bows for the holidays. You’ll also find delicious chocolates, homestyle treats, and baked goods all dressed up for giving! Their products make the perfect gift for everyone on your gift list.
Whether you're a loyal fan or are trying Aplets & Cotlets fruit candy and confections for the first time, treat yourself or someone you love to a bite of these delectable fruit and nut candies, because there's a good reason why they've been considered America's favorite fruit-and-nut candy since 1920!

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