SeaBear Seafood

Seafood never tasted this good

SeaBear is redefining mail order seafood with delicious elegant gourmet food delivery. Choose the finest gifts from the sea.

  • Wild caught Alaskan salmon - Enjoy the bounty of the cold waters off Alaska - fresh seafood. That's where SeaBear gets their rich heart-healthy wild salmon. Select grilling fillets, smoked wild salmon, or ready-to-eat salmon in pouches, for a taste you just won't find when you buy seafood raised on a farm.

  • By Reservation Only selections
  • - Reserve your seasonal seafood experience when you select their By Reservation Only items. You're guaranteed each delicious item at the height of its season. When these once-a-year treats are gone, they're gone, so be sure to reserve your favorites today.

  • Prawns, oysters and mussels - From fresh oysters and mussels delivered overnight to colossal prawns ready for the grill, their seafood delivery brings you only the freshest, tastiest shellfish available.

  • Seafood chowder and bisques - Stock your pantry with a special treat for a chilly evening or a hearty lunch when you buy seafood chowders and bisques from SeaBear. Choose their award-winning spicy white bean soup with chunks of tender salmon, incredible Alehouse clam chowder or one of the other rich and creamy stews, chowders and soups featured in their mail order seafood catalog.

  • Dungeness and king crab - Crab lovers will adore SeaBear's meaty fully cooked Dungeness crab clusters - just thaw and eat for a crab feast any time. Or treat yourself to the unmatchable flavor of Alaskan king crab legs, the tasty goodness of crab cakes, or the unique flavor of an artichoke and crab torte.

  • Halibut, tuna, sole and cod - Make your seafood dinners extra special when you choose fresh fish fillets, shipped on ice and ready for the grill or your favorite recipes.

  • Australian rock lobster - The waters off Western Australia are known for their sweet, meaty lobsters. Treat yourself or someone special to a gift of exceptional mail order lobster tails straight from Australia.

  • Delicious seafood recipes - When you buy seafood online from Sea Bear, don't forget to check out their collection of easy and tasty salmon and halibut recipes, plus great ideas for desserts, serving suggestions and cooking tips.

The SeaBear catalog is the only fish market you need for the freshest, richest mail order lobster, crab, fish fillets and shellfish. From the oceans, straight to your kitchen…seafood the way it's supposed to taste.

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