Nene's Treats

Charleston's famous crumb cakes - absolutely delicious

Nenes Treats delivers Charleston’s famous crumb cakes and gourmet baked goods right to your door – they are so good you won’t leave a crumb!

  • Nene’s Original Crumb Cake - Nene’s 8” x 8” crumb cake is moist and delectable. Made with the purest of ingredients and her secret family recipe, this specialty coffee cake is piled high with buttery crumbs and dusted with powdered sugar. This crumb cake is old-fashioned and totally hip at the same time; it’s such a perfect treat, either with coffee for breakfast or as a dessert, that you won’t leave a single crumb.

  • Gourmet Crumb Cake Varieties - The gourmet crumb cakes from Nene’s Treats take it one step further, with incredible additions like fresh blueberries, birthday sprinkles, and white chocolate drizzle. They have transformed Nene’s original batter into a spellbinding chocolate crumb cake, piled high with crumbs and drizzled with even more chocolate. This is dessert with a capital “C” – for chocolate!

  • Fun Mini Crumb Cakes - These are perfect little replicas of Nene’s original crumb cake. Order a set of six mini crumb cakes in traditional, blueberry or chocolate varieties. These are perfect for afternoon snacks, and for sharing with someone special. There is nothing sweeter than an individual crumb cake with your breakfast coffee, too.

  • Special Occasion Cakes and Baked Goods - Nene’s Bakery specializes in large custom orders, beautifully wrapped for your wedding reception, baby shower or birthday party. Delight your guests with the crumb cakes that started with a special recipe developed more than 50 years ago in Nene’s hometown of New Jersey – they have stood the test of time.
Enjoy the same preservative-free, delectable baked goods that Charleston’s best bakeries and restaurants have been served to discerning diners since 2005 when you order from Nene’s Treats. Crumb cake fans know that you won’t leave a crumb when your desserts come from Nene’s.

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