Airsoft guns, magazines, batteries and air gun accessories

Airsoft players and air gun enthusiasts depend on AirRattle for a complete selection of airsoft guns, magazines, chargers, accessories and tactical supplies for competitive and recreational airgun sports.

  • Airsoft Rifles, Pistols and Grenade Launchers - This is the place where airsoft enthusiasts find every airsoft gun they need for their air gun sport. has airsoft electric guns (AEG), sniper rifles, electric pistols, launchers and Gas/CO2 guns for beginners and advanced airsoft athletes. You will find air guns from G&G, Lancer Tactical, King Arms and Elite Force in the huge selection online. Whether you need spring, PolarStar, Gas or AEG, this is the place to find it, and their customer care and fast shipping will earn your loyalty, too.

  • Gun Magazines, BBs and Chargers - They have the magazines for any type of airsoft gun manufactured, with an excellent inventory of low-cap, high-cap, drum magazines, box magazines and more. They are the best source for high quality seamless BBs for airsoft guns, and tracers or regular BBs from famous brands like Echo 1 and UAP. You will find weights from .12g to .28 for all your airsoft arms, and airsoft batteries and chargers to keep you in the game.

  • Airsoft Accessories - Air gun sport enthusiasts know that it's the accessories that take them to the next level. Add scopes and sights, mounts, lasers, flashlights and targets to your gear and build your skill level and competency in both competition and game playing. AirRattle has all the accessories you need for any tactical situation, and the accessories that put your skill to the test. Add a chronograph to your equipment to monitor your rate of fire, and stock up on oils and grease to keep your guns in top condition.

  • Custom Airsoft Packages - Want custom? Need upgrades? This is the place to find airsoft guns that give you the edge over the competition. If you take your sport seriously, this is the place where you will find full metal, high FPS AEGs and sniper rifles with high power bolt action. If you need a custom-build, let the experts - competitive air gun sports enthusiasts and retired military - tackle your project.
Check out the airsoft boneyard of demos, refurbished airsoft guns and broken accessories for movie props, spare parts and training aids where your coupon code savings go even further. AirRattle encourages compliance with all state and local laws and regulations regarding the purchase of air guns, and requires that purchasers be 18 years old or older. All airsoft guns purchased from the AirRattle catalog will have a (1/4 inch) permanent blazing orange tip as required by US law.

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