Atlanta Cutlery

Collectible knives, collectible swords, sabers and high quality antique weaponry

Atlanta Cutlery delivers a sharp selection of collectible knives, swords and edged weaponry, with museum caliber replicas that represent popular eras and cultures of the past.

  • Knives, Swords & Sabers - Prepare for battle with museum worthy knives and collectible swords that will thrill any medieval history buff or collector. Explore a collection of bowie, neck and throwing knives, daggers, stilettos and machetes, the best pocket knives, kitchen, rescue, training and miniature knives, straight edge razors, folding or fixed blades, and a collection of licensed swords and replicas that immortalize your favorite films and video games. Invest in a piece of history with a selection of replica military and historical swords, fantasy swords, and Samurai swords that are expertly hand forged to capture all of the beauty, detail and power of the original.

  • Knife Making Supplies - If you're interested in crafting your own high quality blades, Atlanta Cutlery offers an assortment of finely honed blade options that will help you create your own custom knives from the comfort of your home. From hunting and fighter blades to carbon, double edge and dagger options, you'll be sure to find the right blades, handles and blanks to suit any custom project.

  • Guns, Other Weapons & Accessories - Besides being your premier source for collectible knives and swords, your go-to collectible cutlery catalog features even more edged weapons to choose from including bayonets, axes, tomahawks and spears, ranging from fantasy to frontier styles. You'll also find high quality replica revolvers, pistols and shot guns, air guns, water guns, self defense and LARP weapons, secret agent undercover gear, and a full line of accessories including holsters and slings, sheaths and scabbards, ammo belts, drum magazines, and more weapon related components and cases.

  • Care, Maintenance & Display - Preserve and care for your knives, swords and antique weaponry with a variety of products that will leave your blades sharp, clean, and rust free. Display your investments with pride with commemorative sword and saber stands and military medal and badge cases that will protect your prized decorations while handsomely displaying your symbols of honor and glory for all to see and admire.
Since 1971, Atlanta Cutlery Corp. has served as a premier source for history enthusiasts and knife collectors all around the world, specializing in a razor-sharp selection of collectible swords and knives with blades that encompass a wide range of eras and empires.

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