Historic Aviation

Aircraft models, kits, airplane art, apparel and accessories

Aircraft models, kits, artwork, apparel, accessories and so much more! Historic Aviation catalog is the go-to source for thousands of aircraft-related collectibles. Historic Aviation features an impressive selection of stunning replicas, colorful artwork, stylish apparel and unique accessories sought-after by diehard flight enthusiasts.

  • Airplane Models, Kits and Figures - Modelers will find thousands of kits and models here, including military planes from all the major global conflicts, in addition to recognizable civilian aircraft. They have detailed kits that are perfect for every skill level, and models from industry-leading brands such as Hobby Master, Falcon, Luft-X, EagleMoss, and Warmaster. They also feature a Signature Series of replicas, immediate showcase centerpiece models autographed by heroes from all eras. Be sure to check out the scale figures and statues to help accessorize your display!

  • Signs and Artwork - If your love of aviation doesn't stop at finding the perfect model, you will love the colorful collection of metal signs and unique artwork featured in this catalog. History enthusiasts will appreciate the nostalgic reproductions of classic prints, including U.S. Army Air Force posters, fetching pin-up girls, artistic re-creations of world-changing events - with many limited edition, hand-signed prints from legendary artist Stan Stokes - and so much more.

  • Books, DVDs, and Games - Whether you're seriously researching or reading for pleasure, the Historic Aviation catalog features a seemingly endless selection of aviation-themed books and DVDs, including The Complete Story of World War I and The History of Apollo Volume One: The Eagle Has Landed. And don't forget to peruse their vast selection of games, puzzles, and software for hours of aircraft-inspired recreation.

  • Clothing and Accessories - For the aviation-lover who can't stop thinking about his favorite warbird, this catalog also includes a stylish assortment of caps, pants, jackets, sunglasses, and more, to help broadcast your love of flight to the world!
Shopping for the aircraft enthusiast in your life couldn't be easier! Now you can choose from thousands of items while also going easy on your wallet with the hot coupon code savings! Spend hours indulging your love of aviation with this fun, comprehensive catalog

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