Spy Museum Store

Super sleuth spy gear, gadgets and fun spy clothing & gifts

You don't have to plan a covert mission to Washington DC to shop the International Spy Museum catalog for unique espionage gear, books, concealment gadgets and spy gear - they have "all the spy you can buy!"

  • Electronic Gadgets and Concealment Devices - Techies, sleuths and undercover agents will be amazed with the gizmos and gadgets here. They have everything from spy cameras, rearview glasses, recorder pens and secret compartments to make you the best equipped for any mission you want to accept. This is the place to find the latest spy gadgetry and electronics for your home and WiFi security cameras, video and audio camera pens, and hidden camera ties.

  • Licensed Spy vs Spy Gear - Mad Magazine's iconic spies match wits on licensed apparel and accessories showcasing the white Spy and black Spy. These are Antonio Prohias' comic strip heroes from the 60's, adding spy style to hoodies, beanies, bobble heads and t shirts. If you love Spy versus Spy, pickup Peter Kuper's Masters of Mayhem, Joke and Dagger Files and Missions of Madness. No spy's library is complete without these guys.

  • Apparel and Accessories - The International Spy Museum catalog has all the logo merchandise that you will find in the Washington DC gift shop, with apparel for women, men and kids. Display you passion for intrigue on everything you wear, from the bold "Deny Everything" tee to the "You Can't Hack the Truth" shirts for guys. They also have the Scottevest jacket, a Spy Museum exclusive, and the perfect garment for stashing all your spy gear.

  • Espionage Books, CDs and DVDs - Load your spy library with museum publications, espionage themed fiction, mysteries and engrossing historical nonfiction. This is the place to find titles that feed your love of the high tech world of international intrigue, and helps you learn everything there is to know about the cloak and dagger world of spying. Start with the Handbook of Practical Spying, and don't stop there. Add a soundtrack from their collection of CDs and DVDs, too.
Need a party theme that makes you the top spy in town? Check out their Spy Party™ supplies and favors for an event no one will be able to keep a secret. They have goodie bags, buttons, play disguises and more to help you create a world class affair. And if you are visiting DC, inquire about hosting your party at the Spy Museum.

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