Knife Cave

Knives, medieval weaponry, fantasy swords, daggers, martial arts supplies & more

Brave the cave with the ultimate knife catalog from Knife Cave, featuring a premier selection of knives, machetes, swords and daggers for dudes who dig knives.

  • Knives - The Knife Cave knife catalog puts the power in your hands with the best knives for knife collectors of all interests and realms, and more man cave must haves. Choose from bowies and daggers, military and tactical knives, the best survival knives and hunting knives for outdoors, folding knives, stiletto and butterfly knives, pocket knives, fixed blades, plus knives and collector's gear from all of your favorite movies, TV shows and video games. Stock up on knife sharpening tools, sheaths and accessories to keep your sabers sharp and stored in style.

  • Swords - Whether your sword preferences revolve around flights of fantasy, the legendary Bruce Lee, or just the cold, hard historical facts, you'll find a sharp line of fantasy and sci-fi swords, ancient and classic military swords, ninja and samurai swords, and more on point options to add to your own knife catalog collection. Explore a sheath full of sword accessories with display stands and hangers, maintenance kits, storage, sharpening stones and other stellar sword accompaniments.

  • Fantasy & Medieval - Step into the darkness of the Knife Cave, with fantasy swords and daggers, axes, claw knives and more blades that will make all of your darkest fantasies come alive. Or, enjoy a blast from the past with medieval swords and spears, dirks and daggers, whips, axes and all of the medieval weaponry a knight could hope for. Suit up in medieval armor, chain mail and shields to joust in proper medieval style, or splurge on fantasy and medieval decor to brighten up any man cave interior.

  • Outdoor Activity - If you're more the outdoorsy type, search the knife catalog for throwing knives and axes, machetes, the best survival knives, plus blow guns and BB guns, crossbows, slingshots, flashlights, and more gear for the ultimate outdoor marksman.

  • Self Defense - Not just for show, the Knife Cave helps you arm yourself with self defense clubs and sticks, batons, tactical gloves and cuffs, stun guns and sprays, plus a collection of personal defense key chains, pens, combs, umbrella swords and more concealable options that will allow you to keep yourself safe with self defense weapons that will leave you prepared for any dangerous, highly suspect situation.
From mega samurai swords to petite pocket knives, the best survival knives to the coolest movie knives and memorabilia, the Knife Cave knife catalog features a diverse selection of knives and swords, self defense gear, fantasy items, and more real steel knives and collectibles featured at real steal prices.

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