Into The Wind

Traditional Kites, Stunt Kites, Wind Art and more from the Into The Wind kite catalog

Taking you everywhere the wind blows since 1980, Into The Wind kite catalog helps you reach new heights with a wide selection of kites available online. From traditional kites to stunt kites and kite making accessories, when you fly Into The Wind kites, the sky's the limit.

  • Into The Wind kites - Into The Wind kites soar above and beyond the competition thanks to the work of the leading kite designers in the kite flying biz. For over 25 years, the Into The Wind kite catalog has offered the widest variety - from foolproof flyers for beginners to fighter kites for kite flying pros.

  • Stunt kites - If you're looking for more of a kite flying challenge, Into The Wind has the stunt kite for you. You'll be amazed by Quad Line stunt kites that perform pivot turns, Power Kites that are as big and as powerful as their name suggests, Trick Kites, Light Wind stunt kites and the list goes on!

  • Traditional kites - If you're a single line kite flyer, the Into The Wind kite catalog has a selection of traditional kites that come in all shapes, designs and colors. Enjoy animal themed kites, kites for kids and beginning kite flyers, soft airfoil kites with nothing to break, box kites, diamond kites and designer kites that stand out from the crowd as they fly through the air with the greatest of ease!

  • Wind Art - Welcome friends with a flourish with these colorful Into The Wind flags and banners. Add a sense of whimsy to your lawn with spinners and outdoor garden sculpture. Create an enchanting garden space with hanging spinners and banners plus the always popular windsocks in graphic and delightful designs.

  • Kite making and kite repair - Whether you're making a new kite from scratch or repairing your favorite kite that you’ve had for years, Into The Wind will get you back in the air in no time with kite making supplies and repair products. Shop for kite tubing and rods, wood dowels, kite fabric, end caps, kite making thread, tape and other super handy stunt kite fittings.

  • Kite accessories - Find an impressive selection of kite accessories for your single line kites, fighter or stunt kites. From spools and handles to stunt kite line and wind meters, you'll find everything a kite needs including kite tails and kite lights, plus Into The Wind kite hats to show off your kite flying hobby!
If you want the best kite flying experience you've ever had, take a journey Into The Wind with unique single line kites, high performance stunt kites, wind art and more flying toys that know no limit.

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