Handcrafted Model Ships

Handcrafted Model Ships - Display-ready cruise ship models, tall ship models & handcrafted model ships in a bottle

Handcrafted Model Ships has been building display-ready model ships since 1959, bringing you a ship shape selection of authentic models from tall ships to cruise ships, historical warships to ships in a bottle and more.

Handcrafted Model Ships - The search for the handcrafted model ship of your dreams is over with a selection of pre-assembled models ranging from model pirate ships to coast guard ships, ships in bottles to tall model ships that are both affordable and historically accurate.


Ships in a bottle - If you've always admired the look of authentic ships in a bottle, but never had the patience to build one of your own, Handcrafted Model Ships brings you an assortment of glass ships in bottles that arrive fully assembled and ready for you to display, enjoy and appreciate, without all the intricate work.


Famous ship models - From the USS Constitution to the Queen Mary and the Jenny Shrimp Boat from Forrest Gump, Handcrafted Model Ships brings you a model ship selection worth celebrating with some of the most famous boats to ever sail the seven seas.


cruise ship models - Allow Handcrafted Model Ships to take you on a sea cruise with a stately variety of cruise ship models in stock. From the Queen Mary and Queen Victoria cruise ships to the legendary Lusitania and the Unsinkable Ship herself, the Titanic, you'll find yourself all aboard with their rich cruise ship model series.


Historical ship models - Find fully assembled Civil War wooden model ships including the CSS Alabama, the CSS Virginia the Harriet Lane as well as WWII model warships and battleships that bear an incredible likeness to the historical ships they're modeled after.


Model pirate ships - Arrg mateys! Choose from 18 exclusive handcrafted model pirate ships that are already assembled with a fleet ranging from 14" ship models to impressive 37" models featuring tattered black sails, ominous grinning skulls and a rich history surrounding tall tales of searches for buried treasure.


Tall ship models - Choose from tall ship models that raise their sails up to 60"! Enjoy these masterfully handcrafted vessels from Christopher Columbus's Santa Maria to the Sovereign of the Seas and more tall ships to add height and magnificence to your collection.

Whether you're looking for the most famous ships in history, cruise ship models, tall ships, sailboats, RC boats, ships in a bottle, charming nautical decor or display items, Handcrafted Model Ships provides you with a seaworthy selection.

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