Eco-shopping for green home goods, appliances and more

Green and More is the all green catalog that brings you everything you need to make green living easy with an eco friendly range of green appliances, electronics, green decor and more!

Green appliances - The Green and More catalog helps you live green in every way, from cleaning and decorating to saving energy and money. Any home can benefit from a green appliance. From green kitchen appliances such as cooktops and composters to tankless water heaters, eco air purifiers, soda makers and cleaning appliances, Green and More improves your quality of life with eco friendly products that make all the difference in the world.


Green decor - Embellish every nook and cranny of your home with green decor and so much more. You'll find handcrafted decorative bowls and vases, dinnerware, bedding, safe and natural candles, eco friendly throw pillows, LED and solar powered green lighting for your outdoor living spaces, sustainable processed rugs and more green goods from Green and More's 100%, all green catalog.


Energy saving devices - Reduce your carbon footprint, one electronic device at a time with an assortment of energy saving devices. Monitor your energy usage with one of their expert electricity monitors, plug your green appliances into energy saving power strips and charge up the batteries on all of your green electronic devices with portable solar chargers. You'll also find energy saving light switches and controls to reduce your electric bill!


Green furniture - From the living room to the children's rooms, your home office, dining room or patio, Green and More will help you go green in every room with green furniture made of sustainable wood and/or recycled materials. Enjoy green furniture that is free from harmful plastics, metals and chemicals, for greener living everywhere you sit.


Green cleaning supplies - Avoid harsh chemicals that are harmful to the earth and your family, with green cleaning supplies that embrace the green life, every time you clean. Find non toxic cleaners, natural laundry detergents, water brooms, steam mops, vacuum cleaners, steam cleaners and more green appliances that extend the promise of a cleaner and healthier household.

Green and More corners the green market with the most impressive selection of green appliances, cleaning supplies, apparel, furniture and green decor available. Shop their green catalog for all of the earth friendly basics that prove that it is that easy being green.

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