American Screening Corporation

Over the counter drug test kits and solutions for home or the workplace

American Screening Corp is the internet's most reliable source for home and workplace drug testing products, point of care diagnostics, and high quality medical supplies online.

  • Drug & Alcohol - Ensure that you have a drug free home and/or workplace with a variety of solutions that will give you the security you want and the accurate results that you need. From an over the counter drug test that can detect drug use through a sample of hair or saliva to easy to use nicotine and marijuana tests that have the ability to pinpoint on-site smokers, you'll have everything you need to establish a complete no tolerance, drug free zone both on the home or work front. Shop a vast selection of online drug test kits, supplies and accessories including cassettes, cups and controls, dip cards, date rape drug test kits, steroid tests, breath alcohol detectors, and more.

  • Home Drug Test Kits - Whether you need an on-site solution to manage your place of business or an online drug test kit to protect your teenager at home, the American Screening Corp is there to give you the solid answers that you need in order to move forward. Take your pick from at home alcohol breath tests, marijuana and multi drug panel kits, steroid tests for athletes, and even home pregnancy tests to reveal if you're expecting a new arrival.

  • Point of Care - Pinpoint the problem with affordable point of care solutions that will save a costly trip to the doctor's office or emergency room. Shop an extensive selection of point of care test kits that come directly from the manufacturers in order to save you time and money. You'll find cancer screenings, cholesterol checkers, mono and flu tests, glucose monitors and test strips, tests to detect HIV and sexually transmitted diseases, cardiac markers, Hepatitis C tests, oximeters, thyroid testing, urinalysis strips, lead testing, and more options that can disclose a wide number of infectious diseases.

  • Medical Supplies - From general medical bag staples including thermometers, stethoscopes and first aid kits to medical mobility aids including wheelchairs, walkers and rollators, you'll find a complete selection of medical supplies to have on hand at home and/or for industry use. Shop by category for home health care items, blood pressure monitoring equipment, diagnostic tools, blood collection aids, medical and neurological instruments, respiratory aids, urologicals, surgical mesh, gloves, dental supplies, incontinence aids, biohazard products, and more.
For six years, home users, parents, employers, substance abuse professionals, research centers, correctional, state and federal agencies have all trusted American Screening Corp to tackle all of their over the counter drug test needs with results that are quick, accurate and FDA501K approved.

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