Best water filter systems for the home - at great prices

Whole house water filters featuring the best water filter systems for every room, customized to fit your specific water treatment needs.

  • Water Filter Systems - At PuriTeam, they know that one size does not fit all when it comes to home water filters. As the leading provider of whole house water filtration systems today, they strive to bring you the best water filter systems that deliver effective filtration for every room. Whether you have well water or city water, whether you need whole house or specific filtration room by room, you'll receive pure performance and immediate results, as well as an unmatched 6 month satisfaction guarantee with every water filter system purchase.

  • Salt Free Technology - You can now avoid the effects of hard water on your clothes, hair, skin, and appliances without salt. At PuriTeam, their hard water conditioners change your waterís molecular structure so magnesium and calcium minerals stay in your water, but donít cause any negative effects. Their conditioners remove existing buildup and prevent future deposits from forming while making your appliances more efficient and your dishes easier to wash, without the salt of water softeners. With the ForeverSoft Solution magnets, youíll receive an incredible life-time satisfaction guarantee with your purchase.

  • Whole House Water Filters - Now you can cook, bathe, drink and plant your gardens with ease, securing clean, high-quality water for every outlet in your home. Discover the best water filter systems for whole house water filtration that will keep your showers, faucets and everyday household appliances running water that is chlorine, heavy metal and contaminant free. Invest in Pura water filters, water softeners and salt-free hard water conditioners that will address, tackle and improve any home water issue imaginable.

  • Well Water Filters - From UV Pura water filters to Well Chlorination, pH Neutralizers to Arsenic Removal and other specialty PurHome water treatment systems, you'll find the perfect system with the power to treat iron, sulfur, arsenic, hard water, manganese, bacteria, viruses, rusty water, sulfur and/or various pH balance issues found in well water utilizing homes. PuriTeam will even provide a free water analysis and recommendations in order to provide you with water filter systems for your unique needs.

  • Shower & Bath Filters - Help your family bathe better in chlorine-free bath water. Outfit your shower heads with the best water filters and systems that deliver chlorine-free water while producing healthier hair and younger looking skin, or stock up on easy-to-use bath dechlorinators that work right in the tub, requiring no plumbing attachments while removing over 90% of the chlorine from your bath water for every 200 baths.

  • Under Counter & Countertop Water Filters - Find water filters designed with your kitchen in mind, with Under Counter and Countertop water filters for clean water right from the tap. Choose from Reverse Osmosis water filters that provide the most convenient and economical water treatment solutions today, UV water filters, PurHome water filters for the fridge, bottleless water coolers and more options for healthy drinking and cooking.

  • Air Purifiers - PuriTeam helps you drink healthier water with the best water filter systems, and breathe healthier air with state-of-the-art air purifiers that are ideal for allergy sufferers of all ages as well as babies with newly developed lungs. Find attractive, compact purifiers for the whole house, nursery, or any room that will benefit from clear, germ and chemical free air, from brands like Air Pura, Air Oasis, Austin Air and other innovators in the clean air industry.
Not all water filters are alike. Since 1998, PuriTeam has helped their customers discover the right water filters and water treatment systems to meet their specific needs. Whether you have well water or city water, you are bound to find the best water filter systems for your home, situation and circumstances, from the experts at PuriTeam.

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