My Self Dignity

Depends for men and women, Depends guards, adult diapers, briefs, pull ups and undergarments

My Self Dignity brings seniors and those dealing with incontinence issues the right support, from Depends for men and women to adult diapers, pull ups, briefs and undergarments from other leading brands.

Depends for men and women - Add ease to your days and nights with quality bladder control products that will protect you around the clock. Choose from a wide range of adult diapers and undergarments from Super Plus protective underwear styles of Depends for men and women to Depend guards for men and other premium incontinence care products.


Adult diapers and pads - You'll also find other brand name incontinence products from companies that strive to make a difference in your day to day life, including Attends and Dignity pads and liners, Tena and Tranquility briefs, Prevail, Poise and Priva bladder control products and other leaders in the industry.


Adult briefs, pull ups and more - My Self Dignity helps you take your incontinence matters into your own hands while providing quality control and maximum protection from their bestselling selection of Depends for men and women, plus Attends, Tena, Prevail and Depends briefs and pull ups, Depend guards for men, and bladder control pads and absorbent underpads that will protect you in bed for a better night's sleep.


Belted Depends undergarments and more - If you don't love the feel of Depends adult diapers or briefs, try belted undergarments with unisex protection that is just right for you, featuring a more comfortable fit. My Self Dignity also provides you with a selection of reusable and washable underwear styles for men and women from quality brands including Priva and SALK that are available in both pull up or snap on fitted styles.


Skincare - Besides their wide range of bladder control products featuring Depends for men and women, My Self Dignity also helps cleanse, protect and heal your skin with cleansers, creams, gels and ointments that will add comfort and relief to minor skin irritations due to incontinence issues. From diaper rash to minor burns, you'll enjoy relief you can depend on while avoiding future skin problems with handy disposable washcloths, gloves and disinfectant wipes. is proud to be hailed as one of the leading incontinence supply companies in the nation, delivering quality products with convenience and discretion, right to your door. From gender specific Depends for men and women to Attends, Tena diaper briefs and pull ups in unisex styles, you'll find the right Depends adult diaper, underpads and personal care items that will help you maintain your dignity as well as your lifestyle.

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