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Homeopathic products, from homeopathic cold remedies to solutions for pain, injury and illness

Enjoy a simpler, healthier lifestyle with homeopathic cold remedies, remedies for stress, pain, digestion, and more all natural homeopathic products.

Find out for yourself what all the buzz over homeopathy is about.

Colorful catalogs full of natural remedies that can ease pain, relieve illness and enhance your lifestyle with no groggy side effects or risk of contra indications. For those who want to make self-care a priority, they specialize in making natural products every family can safely use. 158 years of manufacturing experience and expertise backs every product they make. Cell Salts, Homeopathic Combinations and Singles, plus all Hylandís products and their favorites from around the world.
  • Cold, Flu, etc. - Finally, a natural cure for the common cold. Relieve and reduce symptoms while ensuring a speedy recovery with homeopathic cold remedies that will make you feel like your old self again, without the harmful chemicals found in most over the counter cold and flu medications. No matter if you have a sore throat, a fever, the sniffles, or all of the above, you'll be sure to find the perfect homeopathic cold and flu formula that will keep you healthy come flu season, and all year round.

  • Arnica and First Aid - By minimizing the initial damage of injuries, these products reduce the trauma, ease the pain and speed healing of bruises, burns, bites, joint injuries, muscle strain, etc.

  • Products for Babies and Children - Teething Tabs, TummyAches, Allergy Relief, Sniffles & Sneezes and Baby Cough are just a few of the many remedies they carry to help parents ease their childrenís woes in a 100% worry-free way. Keep your children happy and healthy with homeopathic cold remedies that will alleviate bothersome cold and flu symptoms as well as seasonal allergy relief aids and all natural cures that will cover everything from tummy aches and earaches to head lice, bedwetting and bee stings. You'll also find safe and natural solutions for colicky babies, diaper rash relief, teething aids and more baby-friendly remedies.

  • Stress Relief - In lives full of deadlines, schedules, pressure and disasters, 1-800 Homeopathey's 100% safe options for improving sleep, calming nerves, and overcoming sadness and anxiety can ease the strain of life and help individuals be their best in any situation. Find out why Anxiety/Depression #304 is always on their Best Seller list.

  • Pain Relief - Tired of reading all the warnings on your pain killerís pill bottles? You wonít find those on 1-800 Homeoptahy's Backache, MuscleAche, Rheumatic Pain, Headache and Migraine product labels. Say goodbye to debilitating aches and pains with homeopathic products and remedies that will ease the pain of your injuries all naturally and side-effect free. Relieve injuries due to exercise, soothe bumps, bruises and burns, cuts and scrapes, sprains and more, thanks to a wide range of homeopathic supplements and first aid essentials. Find out how you can make your body heal itself.

  • Digestion - Treat an upset stomach, car sickness or morning sickness with solutions for a wide range of digestive issues. Discover all natural aids for gas and indigestion, constipation and diarrhea, nausea and vomiting, as well as homeopathic supplements and remedies that promote urinary tract health.

  • Skin - Whether your skin is suffering from minor cuts or major itches and irritations, you'll find simple ways to treat your skin with homeopathic products that offer real relief for a number of common skin afflictions. Choose from a variety of soothing skin supports with ointments, tablets and solutions for cuts and calendula, warts and fungal irritations, varicose veins, acne, rashes and more.

  • Homeopathic Kits - Shop for single remedies or complete homeopathic kits that will see you through a variety of ailments and afflictions. Choose kits packed with homeopathic cold remedies and first aid remedies, homeopathic kits for pregnant moms, babies and kids, stress kits, cell salt kits, professional C kits, lightweight kits, and more handy, homeopathic options and solutions for any household.
From homeopathic cold remedies to keep on hand for flu season to solutions for insomnia, 1-800 Homeopathy has been delivering homeopathic products to healthy families since 1853, helping you improve your overall quality of life by improving your overall health, simply and naturally.

Whether new to homeopathyís vast healing potential or an old pro, they supply the products parents, grand parents and practitioners have relied on for generations. Skeptical? No problem, just call their helpful representatives at 1-800-HOMEOPATHY, thatís 1-800-466-3672.

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