Prenatal vitamins, iron supplements, multivitamins for a healthy life

Pharmics catalog provides the iron supplements and multivitamins you need for proper nutrition to create the foundation for a healthy life.

  • Pharmics Vitamins - offers iron supplements, prenatal & multivitamins, and bariatric supplements, with great Pharmics coupon code savings. If you need iron chewables or a liquid supplement, or multivitamins, whether you are pregnant, trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle, or working on a weight loss program, you will find high quality supplements that are easy-to-digest and affordable in the Pharmics store online.

  • Prenatal and Multivitamins - Pharmics offers the highest quality prenatal vitamins for pregnant women at affordable prices. For the pregnant woman, prenatal vitamins contribute to the health of her baby. Prenatal vitamins - with 16 vitamins and minerals - can be taken by women before and after pregnancy. At Pharmics,com, you will find multivitamins to make every day of your life a healthy day. The BetterNatal multivitamin provides essential nutrients that may be lacking from your diet.

  • Iron Supplements - Iron deficiency is the most common nutritional deficiency in the world. At Pharmics, you will find Ferretts Iron Supplements - the gentle and effective iron supplement that will help you feel a healthy difference. With a unique delivery mechanism for higher absorption and better tolerability, Ferretts Iron Supplements are better tolerated by your body, and deliver better results. Ferretts Chewable Iron Supplements are gluten free and easy on the stomach. Ferretts chewable iron is a delicious option for those persons who have difficulty swallowing pills.

  • O-Cal-ette Nursing Cups - O-Cal-ette nursing cups for breastfeeding moms are designed to be worn inside the nursing bra, to help make breastfeeding enjoyable and not painful. O-Cal-ette nursing cups from the Pharmics catalog help prevent friction from clothing, reduce discomfort, relieve breast engorgement, and allow air circulation around the nipple. For the breast-feeding mother, these breastshells are economical, reusable and long-lasting.
Based in Utah, Pharmics, Inc. has been providing top quality nutritional products for obstetric, pediatric, and bariatric markets since 1970.

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