Fashionable Canes & Walking Sticks

Stylish walking canes - A catalog from hand carved canes to walking sticks

Perhaps you need to use it, perhaps it just makes things a bit easier…either way, why settle for an ordinary cane when you can have beautiful rosewood, ebony, carbon fiber or Blackthorn walking sticks? Choose from their exceptional catalog of men's and women's walking canes.

  • Royal Cane collection - For those who want the very finest in walking sticks and canes, there is the Royal walking cane catalog. From exotic woods to ultra modern Lucite, each of these walking canes has been selected to make your walking stick as much of a fashion statement as a useful tool.

  • Fine hand carved canes - Enjoy the beauty of fine hand carved canes. These women's and men's walking canes are as beautiful as they are functional, as they reveal each stroke of the craftsman's blade in their sleek design. Add several to your collection for the right look every day.

  • Designer handle canes - Collectors and stylish walking cane user's alike prize the unique appeal of a fine tipped designer handle cane. Discover a collection of ever so elegant options for the refined taste including leather-wrapped, vintage and antique acquisitions, genuine polished horn, lucite, silver, brass, pewter, rhinestone embedded and HD pattern printed selections that are guaranteed to be an instant conversation starter.

  • Specialty canes - When are walking canes more than just canes? When they can fold up, extend, protect you from sudden showers, or even become a cane stool. From light-up flashlight designs to extra long and super lightweight models, allow their walking cane catalog of specialty canes make life easier no matter what your day brings.

  • Walking sticks as gifts - Treat someone special in your life to the elegance of fine rosewood, Wenge, exotic inlay or Blackthorne walking sticks. A finely carved or embellished cane makes the perfect gift for an elderly parent, grandparent, or family member on the mend from an injury - a far more attractive choice than a standard metal cane.

  • Collector canes - Delight any collector with a piece that will become a treasured heirloom and keepsake. From James Bond-like gadget canes to options topped with flasks, faux ivory and animals, you’ll find licensed museum replicas, authentic French, Italian and British imports, as well as famous replicas of the same models seen on the TV shows House and the Sopranos.

  • Replacement walking cane parts and walking stick accessories - From rubber tips to wrist straps, supportive bases, handsome stands, holders and carrying bags, they have the parts and accessories you need to keep your walking stick safe, protected, and functioning well.

When a little extra help would come in handy, choose the elegant alternative. Whether you choose a Zebrano, Cherry, or Blackthorn walking stick from their catalog of fine woods, or a modern Lucite or carbon fiber cane, each step will have a little more style with a cane from Fashionable Canes and Walking Sticks.

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