Exceptionally fine furniture, bedding and home decor accessories from Horchow catalog

Create an exquisite interior with furniture and accessories from the Horchow catalog, the home decor shop featuring Horchow furniture, home interior sconces, antique trunks and other amazing pieces from the Horchow Collection.

  • Horchow catalog - Feast your eyes on the home decor catalog that has everything you need to perfect your home decor. From Horchow furniture to fine linens and monogrammed napkins, you'll find it all inside the Horchow catalog - the home decor shop for people who love filling their homes with priceless items that will last them a lifetime.

  • Horchow furniture - Bring the beauty of classic and fine furnishings into your home with the Horchow catalog. Choose from a brilliant selection of Horchow furniture from a richly carved four poster bed to a magnificent desk, or an elegant dining room set to transform your home from room to room.

  • Horchow bedroom set - Spend your nights in luxury and comfort when you indulge in bedding ensembles from the Horchow catalog. Delight in Horchow bedding sets from fluffy soft comforters, pillows in every shape and size, and monogrammed sheets that combine to create the perfect bed for restful nights and beautiful mornings.

  • Horchow accessories - Besides their handsome selection of Horchow furniture and furnishings, you'll find other Horchow home decor elements that will spruce up your living room with style. From a Horchow mirror to a sconce lamp, Horchow rugs to monogrammed towels, your home interior decor never looked this polished.

  • Horchow antiques - When you do your home decor shopping at Horchow's home decor catalog, you'll find an antique lover's paradise. Choose an antique trunk, antique cabinet or antique lamp amongst other timeless antique pieces. Visit the home decor shop that will take you back in time with pieces that will never go out of style.

The Horchow name means something more than just home decor. The Horchow catalog features home decor and furniture for people who know and appreciate the finer things in life. From classic Horchow furniture and antiques to modern wall art, table linens and sheets, your beautiful home deserves the Horchow difference.

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